Move Over Paris Hilton, Courtney Stodden Washes Black Mercedes in Barely-There Outfit (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Courtney Au Naturale
The young bride bares it all for a coffee run!
She’s done it again!

Just one week after she channeled Bo Derek on the beaches of Los Angeles, Courtney Stodden has apparently set her sights on Paris Hilton in yet another photo shoot, in which the infamous 17-year-old bride strips down and covers herself in soap, all in an attempt to wash a black Mercedes.

Is that hot?

Here, Courtney appears to be taking a cue from Paris’ controversial commercial for Carls Jr — see video below — which saw the hotel heiress straddling a black car as she ate one of the company’s famous burgers.

Courtney goes for a similar vibe in this set; only here, we see a lot less eating and a lot more cleavage — and we do mean a lot!

But perhaps the nuttiest part of all: She does it all while wearing multi-inch heels. Clearly, this isn’t your typical neighborhood car wash.

This is just the latest photo shoot featuring Courtney, who married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson, in 2011, when she was just 16. The marriage, of course, ignited a media firestorm — not to mention a series of scantily clad photo shoots, like this one and, you know, this one.

What do you think? Does Courtney do Paris’ ad justice, or is this all a bit much? Click through Celebuzz’s exclusive photos, then sound off below!