Readers React: Do You Like Brad Pitt Better With Long or Short Hair? (PHOTOS)

what's his best look?
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Can you keep up with Brad Pitt and his ever-changing looks? The A-List star has gone from long to short hair -- and back again -- for his many movies roles.

Celebuzz wants to know: Do you like Brad better with long or short hair? One thing is clear when it comes to hot dad Brad, there's no shortage of fawning fans! But if they had their pick, which hairstyle suits the actor best?

We took it to our Facebook page, and here is what our readers are saying:

Criss Lovez Amber i'll take him either way.... he is fine!

Janee Babbitt He's hot both ways but I love the long hair!! He was fine in Legends of the Fall as Tristan!!

Janet Perez Gonzalez ‎...i mean he's Brad Pitt....long or short - he is gorgeous...

Adewale Opeoluwa I prefer short hair, he looks nice [that way].

Kathi Cordsen I like him with long hair.

Many readers agreed they like him with sans the shag, simply saying "short" was their pick. One commenter suggested he could play another role with his current look:

Aylene Lazar McMahon he can now play Jesus

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to Like us on Facebook to join the conversation!

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  • Deedee Bynum
    Deedee Bynum

    Two of the most beautiful people on this earth. They look fabulous together.

  • Deedee Bynum
    Deedee Bynum

    He looks gorgeous no matter what's hanging on him.

  • Deedee Bynum
    Deedee Bynum

    He's SO gorgeous and she's so plain. He is way to hot for Aniston.

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    Alice Joe

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