Brandi Glanville Flaunts Amazing Figure In Skimpy Pink Bikini (PHOTOS)

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LeAnn vs Brandi in a bikini showdown! Read More »

Move over, LeAnn Rimes! You're not the only one who knows how to rock a bikini!

Recently, Rimes' rival Brandi Glanville was spotted flaunting her amazing bikini bod in Los Angeles. Sporting a neon pink two piece, Brandi, 39, was seen lounging around in the sun before kicking back with a good book.

What has kept this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom-of-two busy for the last few days?

For one, she's been hard at work strutting her fit figure for the cameras! After her sexy bikini photos surfaced online, Brandi responded to the naysayers on her Twitter, saying:

If you've got it, flaunt it, right? Click through the gallery to see more of Brandi's bodacious bikini body. New feud alert: Brandi and Giuliana Rancic. Learn about it here:

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  • shihan333

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  • Christy Martell
    Christy Martell

    the only way ur that skinny after 2 kids is drugs....damn shame

  • Diana

    I can really live without the exposed boobs. Do any of them have an independent thought?

  • Kara

    Brandi looks sexy and beautiful as always! I love her personal style and now she is writing a style blog on She Knows Beauty.

  • gross

    Wait, what? No negative story about Brandi? Radaronline is on a roll with the negative stories about Brandi, and I thought for sure that this site was going to follow ROL lead. I love how you started off the first line of a positive article about Brandi, by paying Leann a compliment. What a great way to show devotion to Leann. This could have been a great article about how Leann single white females Brandi. The bikini Brandi is wearing in theses photos is the same bikini that she is wearing in black. And how odd that Leann was spotted in Cabo wearing the same exact style, but in a different color of course.

  • tami

    You go girl. I bet anyone anything that Leann will try to upstage her on one of these sites as soon as tomorrow. She's probably calling all the paps as we speak and putting on her kinny.

  • nomorerimes

    So what if she knows the paps are shooting. How many times has SleazeAnn contacted the paps to let them know when and where she would be. Mucho times!! Even told the paps the wrong time for her stepson's soccer game!! SleazeAnn is a publicity ho and loves seeing her name in mags and blogs. Just too bad most people can't stand her and her "ho" husband! Brandi is one classy lady putting up with so much crap from Sleaze and her "ho" husband. You go, Brandi!

  • raven

    I admire Brandi for her strength and courage. She didn’t just have her family broken up by a skandy singer and her paid for paps. Brandi was obsessively, sociopathically stalked. If Leann could murder Brandi and make a skin suit out of her to wear, she would do it. That level of psychosis coming at you and your little kids, every day, with all the money and power of celebrity is frightening. Leann hires people to help her stalk and bully Brandi. It is sick and scary. Brandi is a role model for surviving a traumatic experience and standing up for her family.

  • jbd59

    thinking she knows the papz are snapping.

  • jbd59