Jessica vs. Phillip: Who Will Win 'American Idol' Season 11? (POLL)


The time has come! Tonight, American Idol will crown its eleventh winner, following a nail-biting season of tough eliminations, epic style and, of course, some really great singing.

But just who will win? That is the question, as fans must decide between 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez, who slayed it this season with covers of everything from Whitney Houston to Jennifer Holliday, and Leesburg, GA, native Phillip Phillips, 21, who aims to become the fifth-straight male to win the show.

Naturally, only one person can walk away from season 11 a winner. Will America go for another guy, or will they be moved by Jessica's well-beyond-her-years vocals? We'll find out tonight, when the star-packed finale airs on FOX.

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In the meantime, cast your vote for who will win American Idol season 11 in our poll now, then share your favorite Idol performance from this season in the comments, below!



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  • Kyle

    Hey John D i'm pretty sure your the psychotic posting comment after comment talking crap. Your a musician HAHA right that was funny, probably a street performer huh? You know the type homeless open guitar case. While Phillip Phillips is about to be a millionaire. John D get a life bro.

  • mench

    duh! you are d medyas nho!

  • mench

    duh! ikaw ang medyas jan! ahahah

  • mench

    hoy! epal ka! sino ka man langya ka!

  • Sarah

    I really agree with lindsey because Jessica is an average teenage girl who likes to sing. Personally, i dont think she has much of a personality when Phillip has such a personality and hes so talented! I think it would be cool if a pawn shop worker won this because he would have never expected it. Jessica is annoying. :) GO PHILLIP!

  • lindsey

    didnt you already say the same thing? to clean their ears and get an enema? face it phillip fans, looks like we are all psychotic & dont know anything about talent. john d is the only one.

  • Clevi

    Jessica should win but Phillip probably will win. You have to consider that the fan base is primarily young and female!

  • lindsey

    sounds like john d is a little jealous of phillips "crappy style". funny you have so many harsh things to say about someone, yet your a singer, songwriter, blah blah blah. phillip is in the position that hes in, TOP 2, because he DESERVES to be. by everyone saying he is original, its obvious that its true: hes different then anyone else on the show. he shows a variety of different songs and kills them at that. i know the reason i like him is because he doesnt care about anything other then singing. it has nothing to do with having a guitar, being cute, etc. jessica is good, hands down. but her immaturity is what ruined her. she takes every comment shes heard & turned it into being conceited, & that my friend is why she will not be named american idol. GO PHILLIP!!

  • Elvi

    You are a goof at whatever you do with music since you have no clue that Phil is a talented artist. Jess can sing but is not that much of an artist as Phil. Trying to discredit Phil as much as you can will get you no where. I hope you don't do music for a living cuz you need an ear/rhythm enema

  • hamster23d

    i do not like jessica singing that all her singing sucks . go phillip

  • hamster23d

    i hope phillip win because i do not like jessica singing that all her singing sucks . so i hope phillip win becuase his singing is so good :) go phillip :)

  • John D
    John D

    he is a lame singer and sorry excuse for talent.. philip has limited vocal ability.. lacks vocal skill.. lacks vocal talent, the voting on idol needs to be changed.. one vote per phone. otherwise it will continue to vote in those with good looks and personality.. come to idol folks, where your singing ablilty dont matter , if you have good personality and good looking you can win win win....

  • John D
    John D

    Sorry Randy J, your ears obviously need an enema.. then you could use some ear training, cause I think you are tone deaf. I am a musician singer song writer.. I know what is good, and philip is not good. he is average at best..anyone could sing his crappy style.. but why would anyone want to? an original? originally crappy, lame average singing? vocal skill? philip is limited,not a chanpion.... gets by on his looks.. if he was an average guy, not good looking he would of been cut long ago

  • jazzmanontop

    Get that baby off the stage and make room for KING PHILLIP he is the man!

  • DM

    Well to all of you that think Phillip is an original. Listen carefully to all his songs. They all sound the same. Plus he does not sound original. If you listen to last night performances he attempted to sound like cold play and mumford and sons with that last song. He is a one way street. I like him. He is a nice uy. He will do well not doubt about it. But, not Idol material.

  • John D
    John D

    David.. you need your hearing checked,, better yet give your ears an enema.. you cannot hear straight.. a zillion times?? you must be tone deaf,, Philip is a natural goof up for a serious singer.. you call it original?, yea cause no one will ever want to sing as bad as he does...maybe your just psychotic and dont know it? get your ears cleaned out,, get some music lessons. its called ear training. something that philip should do cause he cannot sing on key if his life depends on it

  • David

    jessica is a karoke singer. she is like one comment just another ballad singer with a shreaky voice, though better lately only becuase of producers probibly telling her she need to smooth her edge of vocals. Phillip is a natural, raw talent, fresh not stilted like jessica. he gives a new meaning to New and Rising star. Jessica? We have hear her type of singer a zilion times.

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee

    This is so predictable. They did this on purpose by putting them together. But i definatley think jessicia is going to win just becuase she didnt do as good if your a fan then you going to automatically like her. Right ? Well i can't wait and even if she doesnt win who cares. She awsome anyways. They put them together and everybody will think jessicia is gonna win but then phillips wins that how it goes. Like last year they planned it on purpose by making country music singer win. If she doesnt win . FONY ! The best voice i have heard in ages. Back in whitney houstan time. I love Jessicia Sanches #jessicaIdolnomatterwhat !

  • Randy J.
    Randy J.

    Sorry but Jessica sounds like every other female ballad singer out there. She really showed her lack of experience when she had to perform the final song and couldn't do her standard karaoke versions of Whitney and the rest. Phillip is original and exactly what this predictable, tired show needs to stay relevant. Phillip is a true front man - Jessica is a talented back-up singer.

  • sms

    It will depend on whether there are more kiddies voting last night until midnight (CST), or adults. Period.

  • Roy

    If Jessica doesn't win this contest, then we will all know that American Idol is a phony show!!!! How can Phillip even share the same stage with such a talented singer??? But as we who have watched AI shows previously, they will do whatever...Love you Jessica. Thanks for all of your beautiful performances.

  • Chuck Kimble
    Chuck Kimble

    Jessica not question the winner. She is just one of the best singers I have hear in a long time. To Phillip very average, not crazy about his style.

  • Raul Samson
    Raul Samson

    jessica will win handily