It's a Bird! Kristen Stewart Flips Off Cameras At Cannes Photo Call for 'On the Road' (PHOTOS)

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Kristen Stewart had a little fun with French paparazzi Wednesday afternoon at a photo call for her new movie, On the Road, in Cannes, France.

The 22-year-old beauty, who donned a black blazer, white t-shirt and some kooky-looking (but admittedly awesome) floral-printed pants, was caught flipping the bird -- aka, giving cameras the finger -- as she made her exit, and flashed a playful smile as she did it.

Kristen also posed with her On the Road co-stars, including Kirsten Dunst, at the call. You can check out photos of their happy reunion a bit further down the post.

Later today, Kristen is expected to grace the red carpet for the film's official premiere and screening. No word on whether she'll attend the premiere of her boyfriend Robert Pattinson's new movie, Cosmopolis, on Friday.

In the meantime, Kristen has a busy couple of weeks ahead of her. After the 2012 Cannes Film Festival wraps, on May 27, she'll be back in the spotlight for the premiere of her next flick, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Celebuzz was lucky enough to attend the junket for Snow White -- known colloquially on the Internet as SWATH -- a few weeks ago, in England, where we interviewed Kristen. Check out a clip from our interview in the video below!

What do you think of Kristen's candid moment at Cannes? Sound off, below!



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  • K-Stew

    Cute *-*

  • K-Stew

    this for paparazzi

  • Cristina Salazar
    Cristina Salazar

    to the haters all of you fucking haters need a good ass kicking by her fans. your nothing but fucking losers with no life and blame someone eles. grow the fuck up and leave Kristen alone!

  • Guest

    She needs a good ass whipping.

  • Guest

    I am so tired of her flipping the bird! She is an immature bitch.

  • Jenn

    Be greatful for what? Millions of people wanting to know every detail of your life? Creepy paps following you around like stalkers? Or just the money, cuz we all know money brings happiness. People always say "well she knew what she was getting into." Oh so she like to bring words to life so she should be followed? How does that make any sense? Sure some "celebs" like the kardashians make a living on it and clearly love the attention, but I think it just sounds horrible. And so what if she offends someone by flipping the bird? Like you're suddenly so special because you're offended? No you're just whining that she is probably just goofing around with a friend and you don't like her.

  • Pam

    Well she is not trying to be something,she's just herself. She never said "I'm a rebel and a bad ass".

  • chelissa

    Really, I hate when she tries to be bad ass.

  • zazzz

    she is so hot, go on her for flipping off the paps!!

  • beatles64

    what is her deal? Is she trying to be funny? I'm over the little attitude. Be freaking grateful, you little snot.

  • Marie

    I would have loved that all photographers on the red carpet have made her the finger , just to teach her some manners

  • qwerty

    I like her nail colour

  • qwerty

    please, she does it everywhere. hardly a big deal anymore.

  • Marie