Virgin Olympian Lolo Jones Is Not Alone! Other Celebs Who Waited to Have Sex (PHOTOS)

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Olympic athlete Lolo Jones made headlines this week when she revealed to HBO Real Sports that she's a 29-year-old virgin.

But is it that uncommon?

After all, 24-year-old New York Jets star Tim Tebow has been deemed the "Virgin Quarterback". Plus, who could forget the Jonas Brothers' promise ring days?!

Celebuzz investigated and uncovered quite a few celebrities that were late bloomers when it came to losing their virginities.

From Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, the list of celebs who waited to have sex may surprise you.

Lolo's comments to Real Sports revealed that she has a hard time finding dates as a virgin in her late '20s.

"When I was 22, 24, it was cute, but 24 to 29, it's not cute. You get judged a lot, a lot of guys won't return your calls after they find out."
She added, "Here's the two things that happen when you tell a guy you're a virgin, this is the honest truth. One, you tell them [and they say] 'oh ok, I respect that.' But you can already see in their eyes [that they're thinking] ;she's lying about this and I'll crack it.' ... So we'll talk usually one to three months [later], then they're like 'oh shoot, she was serious.' Time for me to exit."

What do you think of Lolo's decision? Let us know, below.


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  • Linsey Lawrence
    Linsey Lawrence

    So great to know that Carrie is not only an amazing singer but also a Christian who has the right mindset when it comes to sex before marriage. Thanks for being the amazing role model you are Carrie!

  • danielleakame

    ill help a brother out...marry me! lol

  • danielleakame

    "we didn't get together until we knew we were going to be serious." so she wasnt married to him...? just serious?

  • danielleakame

    yeah i call bs on this lol

  • abby

    22 that's not old to lose your virginity

  • abby

    Well this one dosen't even count, it was just a romour

  • abby

    Omg she looks so young!She only looks 16

  • Andrea

    then I wanna marry him! ;)

  • Andrea

    ohhh Celebuzz!! shes Adriana Lima!

  • Ermaafidah Afiezal
    Ermaafidah Afiezal

    I believe her, she is naughty but not really bitchy. lol

  • Stephanie Hensley
  • Urrrica

    Agreed with they have fact checkers at Celebuzz?! Who am I kidding, of course they don't! :)

  • Claire

    um..that's adriana lima


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