'The Real L Word’ Star Romi Klinger Makes Musical Debut — Listen Here! (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

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This star from Showtime's hit docu-reality show The Real L Word is ready to take on the world of music!

Romi Klinger has released her first track, a dance track titled "Oh La La La" -- and Celebuzz has your first listen to the single.

Though The Real L Word won't be back until July 12, sources tell Celebuzz that you'll be able to watch Klinger's musical journey on the third season of the show on Showtime.

Having teamed up with superstar music producers Andrew Lane and Craig "Oryon" Damon, the tune is certainly catchy.

Take a listen for yourself above, and let us know what you think by playing music critic in the comments!



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  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith

    Romi Klinger says whomever she sleeps with is her business? Well she's slept with multiple people on The Real L Word for the entire world to see. To me, it seems that she's in fact flaunting whom she chooses to sleep with. Romi claims she's getting all of this "hate mail" and such from angry lesbians that think she's a traitor. The reason people are upset with her is her actual character on the show. She is in need of help. She seems narcissistic and bipolar. She cheated on her boyfriend and then she emotionally cheated on her girlfriend and plays the vitim at all times. It is not the fact of her being "bisexual" or whatever she says she is now, it is the fact that she is a cheater and self absorbed. It is unhealthy for anyone around her.

  • Yeah sure
    Yeah sure

    Just goes to show you that it doesn't take a good singing voice, a well written song or talent to release a song! It must kill people out there that are born with amazing gifted singing voices to have to listen to this rubbish while they are yet to be discovered on some reality tv show.

  • Laurina Marcic
    Laurina Marcic

    this song is SO CATCHY!! seriously have it stuck in my head here at work! ohhh la la la la ohhh lalalalalaaaaa! :) xoxo