Usher’s Child Custody Case: Alleged Infidelities Are ‘Completely Irrelevant’, Says Lawyer

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On day three of Usher’s bitter child custody battle, the R&B star faced allegations that he slept with a woman who was a bridesmaid of his ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

Foster’s lawyer suggested one of Usher’s nannies quit her job looking after the couple’s two sons — Usher V, 4, and Naviyd Ely, 3 — because she discovered him in bed with Maya Fox Davis.

The “Yeah!” singer never answered the question while he was on the witness stand because his attorney objected, as this TMZ video from inside the court shows.

Goldie Schon, a family law attorney from Sherman Oaks, Calif., weighed in on the controversial moment during the case, arguing to Celebuzz:

“For her (Tameka) to bring up an alleged sexual infidelity during marriage is completely irrelevant to today. The only thing she is trying to do is cloud his ability to parent with a past infidelity that may or may not have happened. The court is not going to put any sort of relevance on whether or not they are going to give him more time with his kids because of something that possibly happened years ago.”

Schon added:

“It doesn’t matter what happened during marriage, the objection to that is completely on point. Been there, done that, if she didn’t think it was important to bring it up when she was going through her divorce, why should the court believe it is important now when it was years ago?”

Usher — who is not challenge full custody but rather fighting for more time with his boys — has also been grilled about his drug use during the trial in an Atlanta court.

The 33-year-old admitted he has smoked pot in the past but insisted he never used drugs in front of the children.

Said Schon: “Possible drug use, his busy schedule, his inability to be in once place at one time for any length of time because of his career… that is going to be the issue because we are dealing with children of ages three and four. Those are vital years where predicable schedules are important.”

In other testimony, the music superstar alleged that his former spouse once went berserk and threw food, spat on his new girlfriend and tried to start a fight during an explosive jealous rage.

He alleged that his ex-wife hit him during the dispute, but that he didn’t press charges because “I didn’t want the boys to know that their father put their mother in jail.”

The court trial is in recess and will resume in July.

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