Charlize Theron on Being a New Mom: 'It Just Feels Right' (VIDEO)

Charlize Adopts
Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy Photo
The first pics of Charlize Theron’s baby boy. Watch »

In March, it was revealed that Charlize Theron had adopted a son, Jackson.

Well, now the Oscar-winning beauty is opening up about her adorable little boy, and the two-year process it took for the adoption to go through.

"It just feels exactly how it’s supposed to feel," she revealed in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, airing Thursday. "I don’t know how to describe it. It just feels right.

What was the adoption process like?

As Charlize explained: "It took me a while. The process took around two years. My mom said the most beautiful thing. She said, "It took me nine months to fall in love with you [when] were growing in my stomach ... It you two years to fall in love with this little baby.

"It really took two years of just waiting," she added. "Then one day it’s finally there."

Insert your "Awww!" here!

In addition to being a single mother, Charlize has a lot on her plate in the next couple of weeks, with not one, but two (!), movies opening on June 1: Snow White and the Huntsman and the Ridley Scott Alien prequel, Prometheus.

Celebuzz recently spoke to Charlize about her new son, Jackson, at the press junket for SWATH, in England. Check out the video below to see what she had to say about being a new mom!



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