'I Didn't Punch Anyone': One Direction's Harry Styles Clears Up Rumors of Feud With Paparazzo

Harry Styles
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One Direction's Harry Styles is defending his good name after a rumor hit the fan sites that the 18-year-old heartthrob had punched a paparazzo at the Men In Black III premiere on Wednesday night in New York City.

Harry told teen magazine J-14 that he "definitely didn't punch anyone!"

The British boy band star -- who just began his U.S. tour with 1D Tuesday night in Connecticut -- didn't seem phased by the rumor, tweeting that evening:

"Had a lot of fun at the MIB3 premier tonight..film is great. Always nice to see @benwinston and @JKCorden too...they look fiiiine in suits."

What do you think of the rumors that Harry punched a photographer? Who is telling the truth? State your case in the comments.

As for his review of the Men In Black sequel (hitting theaters Friday, May 25), Harry told J-14 simply, "It was a good film."

Clearly the 1D boys are fans of MIB star Will Smith. Check out their Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap at their U.S. tour kick-off concert:



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    asesoria laboral de empresas

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  • Aliaj Styles
    Aliaj Styles

    oh and if he did punch them that would be ok cos paparotzies are annoying

  • Aliaj Styles
    Aliaj Styles

    ok so Harry is to nice to do that he dosnt even believe in fat girls and he dosnt like it when girls doubt thereselves,listen up PEOPLE DO THIS TO GET MONEY AND RICH!!! Y CAN'T U SEE THAT!!!! I HEARD A RUMOUR THAT SOMEONE IS THREATHNING TO KILL THEM,ALL THOUGH IT SEEMS LIKE I CAN'T FIX THAT PROB OR RUMOUR.. I will DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO KEEP THEM SAFE!!! ugh I HATE HOBKNOCKERS!!!

  • Ivey

    Not Harry he would never do that he's to sweet !!!!!! I love him <3

  • daisywattsxxx

    IKR! xxx

  • daisywattsxxx

    Harry would never punch anyone! If he did- good on him because I bet having paparazzi chasing you around for the rest of your life must be pretty annyoing!!

  • olivia styles
    olivia styles

    me either until now haha x

  • olivia styles
    olivia styles

    harry did not punch any one he would never do that hes not that type of person ?? i love him to bits :) xxxx

  • mas

    he'd never! he's to much of a sweetheart <3 the jokes on tumblr were pretty funny though

  • Desiree ;D
    Desiree ;D

    Gosh whoever believes this is an idiot ! Harry wouldn't hurt uh fly lol . But we all knoo harry didn't do it so it really doesn't matter what they say c:

  • hmmm

    Even if he did that, that paparazzi is so Lucky! Oh god! If I was that Paparazzi I was like, "OMG HARRY PUNCHED MY FACE OH GOSH CAN SOMEONE HOLD ME!!" and I know Harry is telling the truth. We believe in you Harry! xxx

  • qwerty

    please, you can't even imagine harry punching someone

  • Katie

    I didn't even know there was a rumour that he punched someone?

  • Beth Smith
    Beth Smith

    i know he didnt but if he did that would make him that teencey bit hotter.

  • kate

    Harry's telling the truth of course. Whoever made up these rumours needs to make something else of their life.

  • Charlie

    He definitely didn't punch anyone. Some crazed "fan" made up the rumor on twitter and then later admitted that she made it up. Her twitter has since then been suspended.

  • 1Dblueyedgirl

    it sickens me the way people try to make money these days, I know this was just a rumor but tell the right story to the right people and you can ruin anyone.