Sam Claflin Raves About ‘Sexy and Glamourous’ Costar…Chris Hemsworth! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Chris Hemsworth revealed to Celebuzz a funny blooper moment from the set of Snow White and the Huntsman involving costar Sam Claflin, and while Hemsworth said they both had trouble during the scene in which they stormed the castle, Sam remembers it a bit differently.

“Basically, it was typical [Chris] looks like a hero, I look like a klutz,” Claflin, 25, said during our sit down interview. “I was riding my horse in front of [Chris], he jumped off his horse looking so glamourous, sexy, and rugged.”

Apparently that wasn’t the case for Sam according to the British actor:

I had top to toe armor trying to winch my leg over the horses head, my other leg got caught in the stirrup dragging me along…face first into the floor. The director going ‘Carry on, don’t worry.’ It was pretty classic–then Chris rugged and manly trying to help me up.”

Even though the two may have a bit of a bromance off screen, in the film both Chris, 28, and Sam have their eye on Snow White.

“I think the relationship between Snow White and [Chris’ character] the Huntsman changed through the script writing process. With my character, you have to somewhat sort that in somewhere,” Claflin said of how the love triangle came to be.

Get more scoop on that in the video above! Also- be sure to get your tickets to the midnight screening of Snow White and the Huntsman so you can partake in Celebuzz’s live Facebook chat opening day, June 1!

Plus, if missed, hear Hemsworth tell us about their horse scene gone awry in the video down below.

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