’50 Shades of Grey’ Dream Cast: Who Should Play Kate Kavanuagh? (PHOTOS)

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On Monday, Celebuzz broke down our dream casting for who should play Jose Rodriguez in the 50 Shades of Grey film adaptation, but now we're tackling the part of Anastasia Steele's BFF, Kate Kavanuagh.

While many people have been focusing on who should play Ana, the mousy 21-year-old who enters into a S & M relationship with a rich, mysterious billionaire named Christian Grey, there are still plenty of parts that need to be figured out, with Kate being one of them. In the book, the recent college grad is described as "gorgeous, strawberry blonde hair, green eyes," and throughout the novel Kate is fiercely loyal, always having Ana's back when she believes their relationship is getting too intense. Also, let's not forget that Kate is the reason that Christian and Ana even meet at all!

So, who do we think would be good for the part?

From Gossip Girl's Blake Lively (she's used to dramatic situations!) to Hunger Games star Levin Rambin (she could definitely have that fiesty vibe thanks to playing a "bad" tribute in the blockbuster film) check out who we think should take on the role by clicking through the gallery!

Also, see who we think would be good to play Christian and Ana below!



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  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz


  • Yanica Rosemarie
    Yanica Rosemarie

    i still haven't read the book, wondering if it's good or just a fad. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @VINTAGEBETTIES for the most stylish and chic vintage clothes.

  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien

    Here's my picks for Fifty Shades of Grey (concept): *Christian Grey - Christian Bale *Anastasia Steele - Emma Watson *Kate Kavanagh - Kat Dennings *Elliot Grey - Armie Hammer *Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey - Jane Fonda http://fillthepart.com/movies/fiftyshadesofgrey

  • Sarah

    My Dream Fifty Shades of Grey Cast: Who should get the part Christian: Alex Pettyfer or Liam Hemsworth Anastasia: Emmy Rossum Elliot: Chris Hemsworth Kate: Blake Lively or Ashley Benson Elena: Kim Cattrall Mrs. Grey: Jill Eikenberry Taylor: James Eckhouse Ray: Michael Keaton Mia: Lucy Hale Leila: Olivia Wilde Carrick: Mark Harmon Jose: JD Pardo or Taylor Lautner Carla: Donna Murphy Lily: Amanda Schull or Amanda Seyfried Dr. Flynn: Hugh Laurie Jack: Billy Zane Gail: Lauren Graham

  • GEM

    she is amazign actress I love her...

  • 50CG

    She definitely looks the part but I'm not too sure about her acting skills.

  • 50CG

    Hmm. I can't see her in the movie at all. She comes across as a bit ditsy.

  • Cece

    Katie Cassidy or Candice Accola for sure. Maybe even Dianna Agron - she's the prettiest face on the list. But the rest ... most of them are only up there 'cause they're blonde. Brit Robertson ? You have got to be kidding. She looks 14..

  • EdieC

    I think Katie Cassidy or Amber heard would make the best Kate. Kate is sexy, feisty & should be tough enough to stand up to Christian.

  • sarah

    I think she would make suchhh a perfect mia!!! (christians sister)

  • Solly

    I can so see her as Kate!

  • Daniela Lopez
    Daniela Lopez

    Perfect For Kate!

  • Felicia

    Ashley Benson or Blake Lively would make great Kates!

  • dwass

    I could better see her as Anastasia.

  • Joy Mcbridej
    Joy Mcbridej

    I think Julianne Hough would be a great Kate! She is about the age of a college grauate.And she is beautiful and outgoing like Kate.

  • Tori Danielle
    Tori Danielle

    i definitely imagined Blake as Kate when I was reading it

  • Heather D Marr
    Heather D Marr

    I think Blake would be great..

  • Mary K. Nugent
    Mary K. Nugent

    OOPS Just noticed it said Kate not Ana...my bad

  • Mary K. Nugent
    Mary K. Nugent

    I thought Ana was brunette? These are all blondes!!

  • Mary K. Nugent
    Mary K. Nugent

    I thought Ana was brunette? These are all blondes!!