Especially Orange Donald Trump Glows On ‘The View’ — 10 More Tan-Tastic Celebrities Revealed (PHOTOS)

Snooki Vs. Tanorexic Mom
Snooki calls NJ mom 'crazy'!
Is Tinseltown too tanned?

Whether it’s bottle bought or sun caught, a tan has become the ultimate year round accessory for Hollywood superstars like Donald Trump, who stopped by The View Friday looking especially orange.

But for fear of looking like New Jersey’s so-caled ‘tanorexic mom,’ Patricia Krenticil, these over-baked celebrities might want to lay off the Mystic Tan.

Click after the jump to find out who made our 10 Tan-Tastic stars or check out the gallery above.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Though Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi slammed Patricia Krenticil for taking her five-year-old daughter to a tanning booth with the not-so-subtle declaration “that b*tch is crazy,” we couldn’t help but ponder whether it is perhaps because the faked baked little one from MTV’s The Jersey Shore has been forced to give up her beloved tan — now that she is pregnant. But before her baby bump, the 24-year-old reformed ‘keg of legs’ was proud of her guidette glow. Indeed, co-star Jenni ‘JWOWW’ Farley once asked Snooki what color is her skin she was after she declared “I’m not white.” “I’m tan,” Snooki boasted. Take a look at more photos of Snooki and her co-star, Pauly D.

Christina Aguilera

When it comes to major malfunctions, The Voice judge Christina Aguilera is in a league of her own. The mom-of-one suffered a faux pas in January, 2012, while performing at Etta James’ funeral. Sadly, the singer’s tribute was overlooked by the streaky fake tan dribbling down her legs. This wasn’t the first time she overcooked it either. See here for more pictures of Christina.

Audrina Patridge

Former The Hills star Audrina Patridge gets her tan from a can which often results in looking more mahogany than glowing. But since she spends so much time flaunting her assets in barely there bikinis, the popular 26-year-old is not about to hang up the tanning towel for good — just yet. For more pictures of Audrina click here.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid is famous for exposing too much skin — and more often than not, it’s too tanned too. Check out Tara in more photos here.

Donatello Versace

Donatello Versace has become almost as famous for her love a tan as she has for her amazing clothes. But at 57-years-old, it might be time for her to tone it down. Have a look at more pictures of Donatello here.

Katie Price

Katie Price – also known as Jordan – is a British glamor model and reality TV star who has admitted that both Botox and fake tan are her addictions — and it shows. See more photos of the busty Brit here.

Lindsay Lohan

Others like Lindsay Lohan, 25, have embraced brown. The oft-troubled starlet launched her own fake tan line in 2009 and she wasn’t afraid of using it. We couldn’t help but think: if only she’s learned how to apply it properly! Sunset Tan even named a spray-tan after her. Check out this bunch of photos of the former ‘Mean Girls’ star.

George Hamilton

Like Lohan, veteran Hollywood actor George Hamilton launched his own Sun Care System and tanning salons in the 1980’s. Therefore, his famous orange appearance comes as no surprise. Teamed with his silver hair and glowing skin, the man nicknamed the ‘Tanned One’ grinned his way through a respectable career that included snaring a Golden Globe. See more photos of George here.

Donald Trump

Try comparing Hamilton to The Donald, Trump. It’s usually the 65-year-old billionaire’s hair that steals the limelight but his bad tan has makes headlines too. In November, 2011, Trump displayed tell-tale pale goggle rings on his very tanned face when he arrived at the studio of Good Morning America in New York with an unseasonably teak face. View more images of Donald here.

So is Hollywood to blame or are celebrities simply adhering to the edict of the late, influential French fashion designer Coco Chanel who once noted, ‘You can never be too rich, too thin or too tan.’

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