Kristen Stewart & More Butt-Kicking Babes (PHOTOS)

Kristen's SWATH Journey
Why Stewart is perfect to play Snow White
Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters one week from today, and on June 1 you will finally see Kristen Stewart take on Queen Ravenna.

In case you were misinformed, SWATH is no fairy-tale. Stewart, 22, swaps a dress for armor and isn’t afraid to get dirty when it comes to fighting for her people.

Kristen got so into the part she injured her hand while fighting dwarves. The Twilight actress told Celebuzz last November while shooting SWATH she just “loses it” sometimes during filming:

I kind of go into a zone and I hurt myself, it’s ridiculous.

Take a look at Stewart and more female celebrities who have played some butt-kicking roles in the gallery above.

Also, if you haven’t been keeping up with our SWATH coverage, check out part of our sit down with Snow White herself down below:

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