Meet Holly Deveaux, the Actress Set to Play Casey Anthony in TV Movie

Casey's Life After Trial
Caught using dead woman's alias.
You might not know her name now, but Canadian-born Holly Deveaux, 19, is about to take on the role of a lifetime as she was cast to play the controversial public figure Casey Anthony in the upcoming TV movie, with tentative titles Imperfect Justice and Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

Set to air on Lifetime, the film follows the trial of Anthony that drew national attention after she was deemed not guilty in the murder of her daughter Caylee, 2, this past year. Holly, who greatly resembles the 26-year-old Casey, told ET Canada of the role,

“It’s nerve-wracking to combat such a controversial issue as well, the outpouring of negativity for Casey Anthony is unlike anything we’ve seen in the media in years.”

A more familiar face has been hired on to play the prosecutor in the trial, Jeff Ashton, whose memoir the movie is based off of.

Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe will take on the role, adding him to the list of celebrities who’ve played real-life people on screen (click the gallery above to see other real-life roles).

Meanwhile, Holly, who auditioned twice for the role of Anthony, said of the opportunity, The more I was tested and stretched,  the more I knew I wanted this role. This is going to be a wonderful challenge!”

She added, “I’m not going to make her into anything she is not. The fact of it, beyond any verdicts in court, is that she was someone struggling through what was undoubtedly the most difficult trial of a lifetime.”

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