‘She’s Wild, Untamed & Very Rebellious’: ‘Snow White’ Director Reveals Why ‘Women Respect and Men Lust’ Kristen Stewart (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kristen Stewart seems like the only person who could ever play Snow White in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, but was director Rupert Sanders always on board?

During Celebuzz‘s sit down with Rupert in London he told us why Stewart, 22, beat out all of young Hollywood for the coveted role.

“I think there’s something very rebellious about [Kristen],” Sanders told us. “She’s very kind of wild and untamed, and I think she’s got a great spirit.”

Not to mention she really is the fairest of them all…

Rupert continued:

She’s obviously got the beauty, the right look– she just to me personified what I felt the modern version of Snow White should be. She’s a very tough girl and I think other women respect that and other men admire it and lust after it probably.

Somehow we think boyfriend Robert Pattinson, 26, would agree with that last statement! Kristen has such a loyal fan base thanks to Twilight, so did Rupert feel any pressure because of that?

“Yeah I think we both did,” Sanders said. “She’s got a lot of people who loved her in that film, and we wanted to make sure this film excited them as much as it did everyone else.”

Rupert continued to praise the actress:

“Kristen is going to have a long and incredibly exciting career ahead of her, and this is just another step. I hope those people, as you follow musicians through different albums, you follow her through different films. I think this is a great change of direction for her.”

That’s not all Rupert talked about! Check out the video above to hear him reveal one thing about each of his cast members that you might not know.

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