Marla Sokoloff Reveals Her Post-Pregnancy Slim Down Secret

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With the baby boom at an all-time high in Hollywood, you bet celebrity moms everywhere are trying to find the easiest way to get their post-baby body back in tiptop shape.

Former Full House star Marla Sokoloff’s home got a little bigger when she welcomed a baby girl named Elliotte with Deadsy drummer Alec Puro in February. Now, months after giving birth, the 31-year-old sat down with Celebuzz and spilled about experiences as a new mom and how she managed to slim down in no time.

So, Marla, congrats on being a first-time mom! What’s the hardest part?

I would say the sleep deprivation! It definitely took some getting used to. Sleeping is my favorite pastime and I miss it so!

We hear you’ve been working to get into post-baby shape. What’s been your go-to method?

A few weeks before I had Elliotte, I called Freshology and signed up for the FreshMommy program. They provided me with calorie controlled meals that were delicious and easy. I knew that it would be hard for me to find the time to prepare meals on my own. Now, I just open the fridge and the food is waiting for me with little to no preparation. I also used the Freshology program before my wedding so for me it was a no brainer. I love that I don’t have to focus on calorie counting or making the right choices — they do it all for me so I can spend more time with my baby. Losing weight is all about portion/calorie control and exercising. As annoying as it sounds, it really is all about calories in calories out!

A lot of celebrities have had success on this program…who are some of the fan favorites?

I remember reading about Ricki Lake’s weight struggles and she said that she had success on Freshology. I was inspired by her healthy weight loss approach- I’ve never been a fan of  gimmicks extreme dieting.

Tell what your day in the Freshology lifestyle looks like.

It’s about as easy as it gets — my food is delivered in a cooler and left on my porch! I open it up like it’s Christmas morning and put it in my fridge. All day I dream about the last course which is dessert — the best part!

There are a lot of diet delivery services out there. Why Freshology?

Well I’m the perfect person to answer this question because I have tried them all. The food is on this program absolutely incredible — nothing about it feels like a diet. Did I mention I get dessert??

But that’s not all!

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FreshMommy: After Pregnancy Weight Loss Solutions From Freshology

When the time has come for losing pregnancy weight, the FreshMommy program from Freshology is the easiest way to attain that after pregnancy weight loss. Unlike meal delivery programs that offer freeze-dried or frozen meals, FreshMommy meals are made fresh for you every day, using combinations of all natural and sustainable foods whenever possible and packaged in biodegradable containers. Meals are calorie-adjusted for those who are nursing their babies, so you’ll be sure that you and your child get proper nutrition.

How the FreshMommy Program Works

If you’re ordering from southern California, you can order your FreshMommy meals in seven-day, 14-day, 20-day or 28-day packages. Each day, an energy-efficient cooler bag is left at your doorstep by 6 a.m. Your cooler will contain the full day’s meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert. (If you’d like, you can add on a partner dinner and dessert as well.) After you’ve enjoyed your delicious meals, put the cooler outside to be picked up the next morning. The FreshMommy Program is also available nationwide, with all the same benefits of the Local Program. Instead of receiving your meals daily, you will receive your meals twice a week via FedEx.

After pregnancy weight loss has never been easier. You’ve got enough to do without having to worry about menu planning, nutritional balance, shopping, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. Spend that time enjoying your baby while losing pregnancy weight effortlessly.