Beyonce on Post-Baby Body: 'I Lost 60 Pounds!'

Beyonce recently spilled on how she managed to whip back into shape following the birth of daughter Blue Ivy -- she lost a whopping 60 pounds!

“I have not been on stage in a year. Do you know how hard I worked?!” Beyonce, 30, told a packed house during her second show in Atlantic City this Saturday. “I lost 60 pounds! They had me on the treadmill.”

The singer, who welcomed her first child in January with husband Jay-Z, wowed the audience on Friday and Saturday with hits like “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)," "Run the World (Girls)" and a haunting rendition of the late Whitney Houston's “I Will Always Love You.”

But Beyonce isn't the only celebrity to have slimmed down immediately after pregnancy!

Supermodel Miranda Kerr managed to strut her svelte figure down the Victoria's Secret catwalk just months after giving birth to her son, Flynn Bloom, in 2011.

"Eat healthy, fresh and lots of fruits and vegetables," Kerr, 29, told Celebuzz of her slim down secret. "Don't deprive yourself. If you want something, have it in moderation."

"Yoga, Pilates, and strength-training are a big part of my routine," she added.

Click through the gallery above to see Beyonce and other celebs with amazing post-baby bodies, then watch the video below to hear more from Miranda on how she got back into shape.

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  • Bee

    It's nice to know that although she is very skinny, she gained weight to keep her baby healthy!

  • donna107

    beautiful face great body

  • Berni

    She is the real mom, you can have your eggs and your husbands sperm in the woman that carried. This is called a gestational surrogate. She just did not carry because she has problems with that. Thanks

  • Berni

    Jennifer gives the real deal on pregnancy and how women in the real world live, thanks Jen!

  • Berni

    normal, thanks!

  • hcn

    Why do people keep saying stuff like this!? That Beyonce isn't the real mother?? I don't understand.

  • castaneda

    That was really fast! She's so thin.

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  • joseph diaz
    joseph diaz

    she is beautiful and she have a great body and face

  • sArun

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  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    She's scarily skinny in that pic on the right

  • topsi

    Explain this. [img][/img]

  • topsi

    No one said a thing when Heidi Klum did a runway show for VS wearing bikinis and lingerie a month or two after she gave birth. And she was huge in those pictures at the 40/40 club. Compare those 40/40 club pictures (and even the ones of her during this concert) to her pre baby bump size. She still has weight to loose to get to her pre baby size.

  • DEE


  • DEE


  • DEE

    She is a lier have to eat if you breast can you loose wt and breast feed not possible your nutrition is most important during this times .....let JAY Z Brest feed that old mean baby....He's the father but B is not the mother....Why because she is trying to hard to bond with the child what mother would breast feed a child and she knows that she have to go back to work ASAP..... most mother will not breast feed for this purpose alone....that could be anybody's child which JAY Z who he paid to have a sperm donor child with, because B more than likely can't have any more babies after she fail off the stage and almost broke her neck....No Way that child is not hers......

  • Yahya

    Now you have got your new web site and you're keen to begin making some sales! But, how will you make gross sales when you do not need high vuolmes of visitors to your website?

  • DEE

    Why ? She isn't the real mother......I know for a fact that people are beginning to whispering....

  • DEE

    There is NO HONOR AMONG CROOKS...You heard what her mother said...she stated that the BABY DID NOT LOOK LIKE EITHER ONE OF THEM . I Do believe that the baby is JAY Z'S but not B'S....She returned back to the stage tooo fast...she can't have any kids...that why the hospital was closed keep it quiet....

  • DEE

    I strongly Agree

  • DEE

    Jump in the lake B you and Blue.....Tried of both of yours.....There is no honor among crooks........Blue is going to be just like Jay-Z....I am positive that she is mean just like that snake ..... OK>>>>

  • Sandra

    Kim Reiss - Thank you so much for everything!! You guys were so much fun to play with and your picuerts are absolutely beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for! Can't wait to see the rest.

  • Nirbhay

    Great video coverage. Think we might have to be very carufel of our online reputation and start our PR efforts for our company names on a daily basis to keep this issue at bay.Hope Google can do something about this soon.Regards,Sam Soh

  • Brittney

    I smell Haters! Don't talk unless you have worn the shoe. I gained just over 60 lbs for my pregnancy and I have lost it all in 4 months and I had a complicated labor that lasted 4 days and ended in an emerg c-section. Lazy people are the ones that it takes a year or so to lose weight. If you don't like her pic then get of the page and go hate on someone else. Preferably yourself, look in the mirrow and hate on yourself.

  • Guest

    You guys are missing the point. I have never been pregnant but I say kudos to anyone who is able to get back into pre-pregnancy shape quickly. HOWEVER that is beside the point. There is NO WAY Beyonce gained OR lost 60 lbs now or ever, NO WAY!! That defies the laws of nature AND common sense. I mean, unless she was logging around a carefully hidden 60 lb tumour. She loves to playing the big/curvy card but that lady has never let herself go past 15 lbs in her entire life. If you actually believe she lost 60 lbs, well my friend, Beyonce made that line especially for you. Now she can laugh at just how foolish and gullible her fellow humans can be are as she sips an expensive glass of champagne. That's right, the joke is on you.

  • faithfuleyes

    awwww B is a mom!!!!!! that truly fits her and jay-z. i am really happy that everything is going good for them. God bless u all !!

  • FRANKI....


  • MsJeN

    It sounds like your a little jello. I mean I get what your saying about celebrities and their crap but I have two kids and less than a month after I had my second I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. You don't realize how much weight you gain during pregnancy cuz you're carrying a baby. Maybe she is lying and maybe she isn't but to assume that she is full of crap because she looks good is just being a HATER!!!!

  • Nobody's Fool
    Nobody's Fool

    Give me a break ( 3kids and rockin it). I too have three kids and bounded back but get a grip. She was never carried a baby. Look at the timeline photos of her pregnancy. When did she gain 60lbs. The bottom line is its Bey's life, do what you please just don't lie to (Joe public) and expect us to fall for everything you say, just because you are a star.

  • 3kids still rockin it
    3kids still rockin it

    folks!!! Get over yourselves and try educating yourself!!! Bey was always a fit woman !!! Look how tiny she was right before she got preggo plse google her son "party" she is clearly bigger now folks... I have 3 kids a yes with each of thm I snapped back right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Less time thn her! I'm also a fit woman and was fit prior to my kids and I between thm!!!! If you are FIT meaning working out for real 3-5 timesvavweeknasva lifestyle!!!! You could do the same!!! The weight drops off much faster thn the average chic wrong out few times a year!! Leave this woman alone!

  • drkgrlx

    and let's not forget all those photos of her svelte frame less than 2-3 months after she gave birth. MAYBE she gave birth but she certainly did not lose 60 pounds afterwards.

  • drkgrlx

    this is such BS, I'm sorry, but the woman didn't even gain anywhere near 60 lbs (maybe besides water weight IF she was even really pregnant). I have been working out and eating right for damn near a year and if I had lost 60 pounds that would put me at a very unhealthy 100 pounds!!! Ans she was nowhere near what i weigh!!! She would not even be able to sustain her activities at that weight, Beyonce stop trying so hard to connect with us "regular" folk, because now you making us think we're stupid!!

  • claire

    Like she even gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy..

  • Julia

    I had a baby back in February and I only gained around 20-25 lbs. It was fairly simple to get off however when I compare my pregnancy pictures with my post pregnancy pictures, it's equivalent to hers. There is NO way she gained 60 lbs if I am to go by the photos of her above. I loved Beyonce in Destiny's Child however this Beyonce seems to be just a giant publicity stunt. The pregnancy seemed fake and the pictures of that "newborn" baby looked extremely photoshopped. I've seen enough babies to know that they aren't THAT developed looking at a few hours old. Give up the gig Beyonce, you aren't fooling anyone.

  • Georgiagirl

    This woman just keeps on lying. The sad part about it is that her lying is obviously not intentional because she can’t even keep up with her lies. She hasn’t been on the stage in a year. Was your stunt double at Roseland last year in August of 2011? She said on stage in Atlantic City “they had me on a treadmill eating lettuce” but when Entertainment Tonight interviewed her at the Met Gala she said it was rehearsing and not spending to much time working out that allowed her to lose the weight. Why everytime Beyonce does something she makes it into a monumental event. In her behind the scenes footage of preparing for her Atlantic City show, She said she hopes to inspire people because she pulled her Atlantic City show together in weeks and it should have taken months…so? Why try so hard to let everyone know how “great” you are. Dear Beyonce, you are an amazing talent. You have impeccable performance skills and you bring the house down everytime you perform and you are a wonderful singer and entertainer. There is no need to broadcast your every move as if it is a major accomplishment. Again, You have an amazing talent. Just continue to give that to your fans, nothing more and nothing less. Sincerely, A fan of yours that has supported you since Destiny Child

  • Truth

    It is not hateration. If you ever had a baby you would know that Beyounce is lying. This is just plain common sense. A month after she had the baby she was at 40/40 club looking like she never ever was pregnant. You tell me how does baby weight go that fast?

  • Jus me
    Jus me

    Beyonce, here you go again LYING!!!!! Guess it will NEVER stop with you. You tell one lie and you find yourself having to do so all the time.... Where in gods name did you loose 60 freaking pounds chick??? all the while you were faking the pregnancy, you never gained a good 5pounds so how you lost 60lbs and now you look EXTRA thicker than when you were pregnant?????? HMMMMMMM.......... She seems to be living a life of lies.... Guess she grew up on lies so it continues..............

  • Tammy

    I had Beyonce's back about her being pregnant however statements such as these make it very hard for me to stand behind her. Unless there was 20lbs gained towards the end of her pregnancy which of course she stayed out of sight, then this 60lb. weight loss does not add up. I think the statements that are being put out weight loss, vaginal delivery one day, another form of delivery on another day. I don't see 60lbs loss, if she would have said 20-25lbs I would have been there for ya. NEVER forget when people lie no matter how many years that seem to pass by the truth always comes out!!! People lose respect for liars.

  • Superman

    She's full of BS! I still believe that she used a surrogate. Nonetheless, she didn't "lose 60 pounds"!

  • T.C. Bogu
    T.C. Bogu

    I agree and I also think it is very cruel for her to play this card if the rumors are true. There were no "hospital" pictures - the tabloids ALWAYS find out and are always there photographing the couple going in. There were the pictures that appeared to be "fake" while she was pregnant - her bump actually folded. Poor Jessica Simpson was obviously very pregnant and has to follow this liar - just wrong.

  • Elizabeth

    @alanc230 because they have nannies to watch their kids when they work out multiple times a day and have personal chefs to make their meals. Also, liposuction does exist...

  • alanc230

    How do celebrities lose so much weight so fast? Stop eating altogether? And isn't rapid weight loss difficult to sustain?

  • Ida

    What she lost is all the fluids and placenta that were in her belly during the pregancy.I lost 40+ lbs when gave birth to my daughter. stop lying Beyance!

  • Daphne Mrsfixit Watson
    Daphne Mrsfixit Watson

    I don't really believe she was pregnant in the first place. Secondly, it frustrates me that people act like being pregnant equals being overweight, thus losing pregnancy pounds is some kind of weight loss miracle. This is just dumb.

  • NotADummy

    Agreed. Everyone is aware there is the VERY strng possibility she was never even pregnant ... too much info to the contrary. Additionally, no one ever really saw any of her prego pics after that disastrous interview when her belly sank in and she sat down as most non-prego women do despite her claim to be far enough along to seat herself accordingly. And 60 lbs .. really??? I am so weary of Beyonce and so many other celebs acting as though the public is comprised of nothing but gossip hungry idiots!!! It is quite obvious you did not lose that much weight. This was foreseeable though. Beyonce knows she has her mother's build. Pregnancy is going to put real weight on her. Her vanity will not allow this. Hence, the specualation re her use of a surrogate. Nothing wrong with using one. But don't insult our intelligence, then (predictably, I might add) come back with some outlandish claim about your incredible post-baby weight loss.

  • Sparky

    So much hateration going on here! You do realise you don't actually know her, let alone her changing body weight right?

  • Bernice Thomas
    Bernice Thomas

    she lost more like 20 pounds, don't make it larger, she is going to come out with some bogus weight loss plan.

  • yeahokay

    I call bull. There is no difference in the before and after, she looks exactly the same except for the belly. There is just no way. 60 lbs is a good chunk of weight and when you lose that much weight when you are already a healthy size you would definitely be able to see a noticeable difference.

  • Stacy Brownfield-Allison
    Stacy Brownfield-Allison

    What a freaking joke! She didn't even gain 60lbs.! She totally faked that pregnancy!

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    stop cheering for her she lost that weight too quickly just for a series of worthless concerts it's supposed to take 8-9 months to gain pregnancy weight and at least that long to lose it unless you had a complicated pregnancy and post partum deal