Celebrate Memorial Day With Our White Bikini Gallery! (PHOTOS)

It's Memorial Day! Which means, after eight months of hibernating, we can finally break out all of the white pieces in our wardrobe!

And what better day than to celebrate this (probably outdated) fashion rule than by clicking through a gallery of celebrities in white bikinis?

In our comprehensive gallery, you'll see stars from Rihanna to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rock the white-hot trend. In fact, they did it so well, it's no wonder the temperature outside keeps getting hotter!

Check out celebrities in white bikinis in our gallery now!



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  • Carla

    Where did she get her suit. I am looking for a white bikini and I like hers the best.

  • zip

    wtf are u on, Aubrey is sooo sexy!! that bod drives me insane

  • Sefa

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  • IGottaSay

    She doesn't have the waistline or slim legs for a bikini. her boobs are bought, of course.

  • FryNoemi

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