Cute Kids Alert! Can You Guess Who's Our Famous Mommy? (PHOTOS)

Who's My Mommy?
Adorable Celebrity Kids
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So cute, right?

While these easy riders only tiny tots, "dem babies" rank high up as Hollywood's royalty. They're celebrity kids, after all — but can you identify their famous family?

Celebuzz wants to test your celeb knowledge! Can you guess the famous mom who gave birth to this adorable twosome?

We’ll give you a couple hints:

  • Their mama is known as one of music's pop divas, but their papa is a straight-up comedian.
  • These twins also share the same first letter as their mother's name: M.
We did our part, now it’s up to you. Think you know know the mom behind these twins?

Click through the gallery to see if you’re right!



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  • KlingonEmpire

    dafuq is wrong with that kids's freakin huge!

  • ff


  • Joanne Tran
    Joanne Tran

    Mariah Carey are y'all's mommy

  • little me
    little me

    really?! I'm asking REALLY?! I'm just visiting this site because I've got NO life but you're OBSESSED!!! I'm serious here, you've got a problem

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    idiots those are Mariah Carey's Twins Moroccan & Monroe it's so obvious just look at Monroe's facial structure it's the exact same as Mariah's just like Nell Newman is an exact replica of her mother Joanne Woodward though she and her sisters all got their dad Paul's blue eyes while their mother has green eyes. Nick Tweeted that pic a few hours ago