Meet & Greet: Disney Star Billy Unger Talks ‘Lab Rats’ Season Two, On Set Pranks & More (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Billy Unger has a lot to be happy about. Apart from recently getting renwed for another season of Lab Rats on Disney XD, the 16-year-old is working with some of the industry’s biggest pranksters.

Celebuzz recently had a chance to sit down with the rising star to chat about what fans can look forward to in the next season of Lab Rats and what on set hi-jinx the cameras aren’t privy to behind the scenes.

What did Billy’s costars Kelli Burglund and Spencer Boldman do to his dressing room one night that left his jaw on the floor?

“They stayed two and a half hours after I left set for this one prank. When I came into work the next morning and unlocked my door, absolutely everything was covered in tin foil,” Billy said, laughing. “The couches, the pillow, the hangers, the toothbrushes, the toilet itself was covered in tin foil. They thought of everything.”

“I really have to give them a round of applause,” he added.

As for Lab Rats season two, Billy told us that there’ll be a lot more from his character, Chase Davenport.

“I think a lot of people responded to the character really well in season one,” he said. “There were a lot of laughs for Chase and they threw in some action scenes which I really love because I love doing action fight scenes. I think you’re probably going to see more of that from Chase come season two.”

Catch more of Billy’s interview above!