Big Summer Movie Guide: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Lizard! (VIDEO)

Want to know what to watch at the theater? Celebuzz is breaking down the blockbusters in our Big Summer Movie Guide!

In this episode, Andrew Garfield has his hands full in The Amazing Spider-Man when he’s pitted against a savage enemy that’s part man, part monster! Well, monster in a lab coat. He does have a PhD, after all.

Andrew plays Peter Parker, who searches out his father’s old lab partner, Dr. Connors.

He soon finds out that the doctor can be a real animal!

Like Peter, Dr. Connors has a secret identity — but his isn’t so friendly. After experimenting on himself, he turns into The Lizard and goes on a rampage. Super hero problems, right?

To further complicate things, he’s the only one who hold the answers to Peter’s secret past. To find out more, watch the video!

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