Justin Bieber Releases Catchy New Single 'Die in Your Arms' -- Listen Now (AUDIO)

Justin Bieber is going the old-school route on his new song, 'Die in Your Arms,' the second single off his soon-to-be-released CD Believe. The verdict? It's pretty darn catchy.

Indeed, the 18-year-old pop phenom gives off Jackson 5 vibes on the mid-tempo release, which seems destined to be one of the catchiest songs of the summer.

But is it better than 'Boyfriend'?

Fans already seem to think so; at the time of publish, 'Die in Your Arms' was already ranked sixth on iTunes Top Songs chart. Not bad!

'Die in Your Arms' follows Bieber's uber-popular single, 'Boyfriend.' The song quickly became his biggest hit to date, climbing all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Believe hits stores on June 19.

The instant-success of 'Die in Your Arms' is pretty good news for Biebs, following his alleged altercation with a member of the paparazzi on Sunday. (More on that story here.)

What do you think of 'Die in Your Arms'? Is it 2012's Song of the Summer? Or could he do better? Listen to it now, then relive the 'Boyfriend' video, below, for comparison!



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  • bieber luvs cawk
    bieber luvs cawk

    lol you were fingering yourself while you wrote that, weren't you?

  • ME

    Just because something's popular doesn't mean it's good. I guess children don't understand that concept.

  • george bush
    george bush

    lol u mad

  • Layla

    First of fuck head. Have you sold out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes, Played an 86 day arena tour. Didn't think so. Second he makes more money in an hour then in you will make your whole life. Third, Telling some one to die because you don't like them is immure and stupid. If you think he is an ass-clown why the fuck did you comment. What the fuck do you think he does in his day, Oh, Maybe i'll go on celebuzz and see what fucking idiots have to say about me. How about no! He is out spending all that mother fucking money you never see. So shut your bitch ass up. ! Have a nice day!!

  • lulz

    your tears are delicious

  • chloemallette

    One thing I'm not 12 years old not all his fans are that age! He also has Boy Beliebers, and if you don't like him why you wasting your time commenting on something Justin Bieber? Weird! Do u get Jealous much??:L

  •  your mom
     your mom

    I bet he has a teeny weenie.

  • Carmen Schuller
    Carmen Schuller

    okaaay... Im more than 19 years old and I think some of his songs are pretty good. I don't like all of his songs and I wouldn't go to any of his concert, except when it would be free, and I understand that some people don't like his music because not everybody likes everything! Thats why humans are different. the thing I don't understand is, why people have to say such nasty things about someone. You don't like him? fine. you don't have to! but stop saying such things like:"I don’t care whose arms he dies in, as long as he does it soon." ?? you dont wish other human beings the death!!!!? just saying.. some haters are just like kindergarteners... if I dont like someone. I dont talk to him/her and I just dont care. but I wouldn't imagine to wish anyone the death, except when someone did smth horrible like killing people.. raping and so on...

  •  HurrDurr

    Let's see...he has all of his pitiful songs written for him, he has computers fix his terrible singing, he has people show him how to dance and walk, and the list goes on. He's a complete fabrication created only to sell mindless drivel to brainless 12-year old girls like yourself. You really should pay more attention in English class, by the way.

  • chloemallette

    How does he have no talent if he didnt have any talent then no one would like him but sorry to say but his cardboard cutout gets more attenction then you do so cry a river, build a bridge and get over it!


    I don't care whose arms he dies in, as long as he does it soon. What a no-talent assclown.