Kate Middleton Wears Same Dress Twice in 11 Days, See More Fashion Repeat Offenders (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton proved that nobody is perfect -- not even members of the Royal Family -- on Tuesday, when she arrived at a tea party at Buckingham Palace wearing the same dress she wore just 11 days prior.

The ensemble in question: a beautiful pink coat dress designed by Emilia Wickstead, with a hefty price tag of $2,000.

When did Kate previously wear the expensive dress?

Middleton first appeared in the dress on May 18, when she and husband Prince William -- who this morning opened up to Katie Couric about missing mom Princess Diana at his wedding -- attended a luncheon at Windsor Castle.

Of course, given how incredible Kate has looked since she married Prince William, on April 29, 2012, we can't really blame her for one minor fashion slip-up, especially since she wore such a beautiful dress.

What do you think Celebuzz readers? Is it a royal fashion faux pas or is it cool if Kate recycles her wardrobe?

And if you're out there, Kate, don't feel too bad, because you aren't the only celebrity to wear the same outfit twice. Click through to a gallery of many more fashion repeat offenders in Hollywood, including Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian.



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  • Cali

    Can't believe you think this is even worth reporting...........

  • Ashleigh Langhein
    Ashleigh Langhein

    My personal opinion, I think that by wearing the same outfit twice she is setting a great example to young people on not being wasteful. I wish more celebrities would get caught wearing the same outfit more than once, then the young girls who look up to them may see that they don't need a different outfit for every day of the year.

  • brelovenewyork

    now i couldnt believe kim kardashian wore something 2 times!! I mean thats fine but with all the shopping she does i never thought that. but she looks great

  • miss.rouso

    can you blame her?! she looks awesome && it def looks comfy! work it khloe <3

  • hope

    cute dress

  • alexan

    who cares! she looks gorge

  • Naancyy

    My extras only iundcle cold cream, body lotion, and stretch mark oil. I wish I was more girly in this aspect of my life, because then I could have gorgeous skin and non-bushy eyebrows like my friends do.

  • urwhatuis

    i loooove that kate wears items from her wardrobe more than once! it shows she's normal like the rest of us ;)

  • psychosis13

    Celebrities need to wear their outfits more than once and stop pissing money away.

  • dixie

    is = it

  • dixie

    I JUST HATE IS when media reports something like this!!! Clothes are meant to be worn more then once!!!! get over it! it is normal to do it!

  • formchaos

    I like this Pic!!!!!!

  • stiffler

    I completely agree. To wear something only once when it is designed to be cleaned and reworn is so insulting and wasteful. It annoys me that someone is not "perfect" according to celebuzz because they do what a normal person does and wears the same item of clothing more then once. And if it is nice and looks good how can it be a fashion slip up? Get your head out of you asses and realise that we don;t care if they wear clothes again and again.

  • Eibhlin Ni Dubhslaiine
    Eibhlin Ni Dubhslaiine

    kinda feel sick .All the starving people in the world .talking about the same dress .shame.