'Lost' Alum Dominic Monaghan ‏Slams Former Co-Star Matthew Fox: He Beats Women

Dominic Monaghan says Matthew Fox beats women
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Another Hollywood feud has been sparked in the Twitterverse -- and this one could get ugly.

Dominic Monaghan, 35, who starred on ABC series Lost with Matthew Fox, 45, has accused his former castmate of "often" beating women.

Fox was arrested after an incident last year in which he allegedly hit a female bus driver during an altercation.

And Dominic says that wasn't the only time.

The actor sharply declined a request on his Twitter feed from a fan asking Fox to join the social networking site because "he beats women."

He followed up with another message that said they are "not isolated incidents."

Fox, who has two children with his wife of over 20 years, has yet to reply to his former co-star's claims.

Recently the actor has seen his share of troubles. After being accused of assault by the bus driver, Fox counter sued, which generated bad press for the star. Then in early May, he was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Oregon, where he lives with his family.

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  • psychosis13

    Immaturity all around. If I knew someone beat anyone I would inform the police, not the 'twitterverse'. And that Becca girl is ridiculous for thinking that the imaginary good times they had trump an abuser.

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    How can Dominic know that? Was he always standing by and watching? And if it's true, why break the news on twitter and not inform the police?

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    I wonder if he hits men as well, or if just prefers to give it to women. Someone should ask him.