Photographer Who Scuffled With Justin Bieber Identified, Tells Celebuzz: ‘I Don’t Have a Lawyer — Yet’ (EXCLUSIVE)

The photographer who scuffled with Justin Bieber on Sunday has broken his silence, revealing that he hasn’t hired a lawyer despite filing a complaint against the pop star with the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Paparazzo Jose Sarros told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview: “I don’t have a lawyer — yet. The report that I spoke to a lawyer is a lie. But I cannot talk more about what happened.”

When asked the extent of his injuries, Sarros — who is nicknamed ‘Bruja’ — hung up the phone.

However, Celebuzz has learned the “Boyfriend” singer is lucky that Sarros did not fight back: the photographer is known in Hollywood’s paparazzi clique as being a karate black belt.

Sarros told sheriff’s deputies Bieber, 18, struck him in the face during an altercation at at a suburban shopping centre in Calabasas, Calif., in front of girlfriend Selena Gomez, 19.

Sarros complained of pain and requested medical attention. Sheriff’s officials have said he was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was treated and later released.

Officials said the photographer, who was not identified by police, requested that a criminal report be taken on the allegation of battery.

Some reports suggested a lawyer who was at the scene approached Sarros to tell him that he could make some money out of the incident.

The lawyer also suggested that he should file a report and to call an ambulance, it was reported.

“That’s not true,” Sarros told Celebuzz.

Another witnesses to the incident told ABC News that the photographer was blocking Bieber’s car, leading to the star’s reaction.

“They were stopping him from leaving the parking lot and that made him really mad,” onlooker Summer Janis said.

Bieber has not spoken to police, nor commented on the confrontation but took to Twitter early Monday, saying: “Gonna (sic) focus on the important stuff, the music.”

A captain at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday they were looking for people who saw what happened.

They also plan to question Bieber, who left the scene before authorities arrived, amid reports the case will also be referred to an L.A. County prosecutor.

“We would like to talk to all potential witnesses,” said Capt. Mike Parker.