Prince William on Princess Diana: I’m Very Sad She’ll Never Meet Kate Middleton (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with ABC’s Katie Couric, airing tonight, Prince William opened up about how he prepared for his royal wedding to Kate Middleton, knowing that his mother, the late Princess Diana, would not be there.

“I sort of prepared myself beforehand so that I was sort of mentally prepared,” William, 29, said. “I didn’t want any wobbly lips or anything going on.”

“It’s the one time since she’s died, where I’ve thought to myself, ‘It would be fantastic if she was here,’ and just how sad really for her, more than anything, not being able to see it.”

Prince William continued to open up about his mother — who died on August 31, 1997, in a fatal car crash, when William was just 15 — and his April 29, 2011, nuptials, admitting, “I think … she would have loved the day and I think, hopefully, she’d be very proud of … of us both for the day. I’m just very sad that she’s never going to get a chance to meet Kate.”

William and Kate recently celebrated their one-year anniversary together, in April.

The Jubilee Queen With Katie Couric airs tonight at 9PM ET on ABC. Watch a preview of the interview, which also includes segments with William’s brother, Harry, in the video, above.