Robert Pattinson Defends Kristen Stewart’s Success: Everyone Forgets She Was Hollywood’s ‘Go-To Girl’ Before ‘Twilight’

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart found huge success thanks to their iconic roles in Twilight; however, Rob, 26, notes that because they are part of a big franchise, he and Stewart, 22, have to work harder when it comes to impressing critics.

“Everyone always forgets Kristen was doing tons of indies before [Twilight], then you get a big movie and everyone’s like, ‘No you just didn’t do any of that other stuff.'” Pattinson told reporters. ” The reason I did ‘Twilight’ in the first place was I saw her in ‘Into the Wild.'”

Rob’s praise for his girlfriend didn’t stop there:

“She was the go-to girl then, before [Twilight],” Pattinson boasts. “She was one of the top three young actresses and everyone has forgotten.”

During the interview Rob explains that he finds there is a constant fight to prove himself in Hollywood.

“I hadn’t done that much– it’s not like you do a big franchise then you get whatever,” says Rob. “It’s a big fight, especially from critics.”

Continued Rob:

If you get what they deem to be unfair success, if you get success too quick, they will keep fighting with you the whole time. You have to prove every movie. You are judged on such a higher level than everyone else, it’s crazy, but it’s cool at the same time. At least people care, that’s the most important thing.

Check out Rob’s interview down below: