Robert Pattinson Defends Kristen Stewart's Success: Everyone Forgets She Was Hollywood's 'Go-To Girl' Before 'Twilight'

Kristen on Rob's Bday
Stewart talks to Celebuzz at SWATH premiere! Watch »

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart found huge success thanks to their iconic roles in Twilight; however, Rob, 26, notes that because they are part of a big franchise, he and Stewart, 22, have to work harder when it comes to impressing critics.

"Everyone always forgets Kristen was doing tons of indies before [Twilight], then you get a big movie and everyone's like, 'No you just didn't do any of that other stuff.'" Pattinson told reporters. " The reason I did 'Twilight' in the first place was I saw her in 'Into the Wild.'"

Rob's praise for his girlfriend didn't stop there:

"She was the go-to girl then, before [Twilight]," Pattinson boasts. "She was one of the top three young actresses and everyone has forgotten."

During the interview Rob explains that he finds there is a constant fight to prove himself in Hollywood.

"I hadn't done that much-- it's not like you do a big franchise then you get whatever," says Rob. "It's a big fight, especially from critics."

Continued Rob:

If you get what they deem to be unfair success, if you get success too quick, they will keep fighting with you the whole time. You have to prove every movie. You are judged on such a higher level than everyone else, it's crazy, but it's cool at the same time. At least people care, that's the most important thing.
Check out Rob's interview down below:



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  • mileyismylife

    Kristen is actually amazing, that dress on her is magical!

  • Thais

    such a joke. it's just a silly awards show with no merit but it still snigts. rob and kristen's best twilight saga performances were in BD1...both should have been nominated. birth scene, music, etc...all should have been nominated. joke of the year award goes to MTV.

  • Ismail

    Very disappointed in MTV. They rigegd it to benefit The Hunger Games (which shouldn't be nominated since it was only released in March). Twilight fans have been supporting the show since they were first nominated...only to be given the finger as the series comes to an end. FU MTV!Oh, and what does this sentence in your post mean? "Fans outside the US are being able to vote, so hopefully their votes will count." Can people outside the US vote or not???

  • Rashid

    I hope next year Rob is nominated for Cosmopolis, now that they are chgianng the format for Best Actor.I see he and Kristen are nominated for Best Kiss, and who knows if they will even smooch, again. I certainly will not vote for Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, but if they win I bet they will actually kiss. Cmon Rob and Kristen one time for old time sakes for all the countless fans who have supported, cheered, defended, and waited in long lines for premieres, show us a good kiss, because this may be your last chance. Although there is another movie, this year is filled with possible best kiss contenders for next year. Smooch, dagnabit.

  • Linda

    And you are the reining village IDIOT...

  • psychosis13

    I actually really like Kristen Stewart as an actress, despite dislike the whole Twilight franchise. She has real talent. Can't say the same for him, but he's alright. I wonder why he's defending her though when she so obviously wants to bang Chris Hemsworthy XD

  • yeahh

    I've never watched twilight but love Kristen Stewart as an actress from way before. I saw her in speak, into the wild, The Messengers, In the Land of Women and Fierce People. I always thought she was interesting and knew she would make it big. Movies that I don't care for are the twilights and runaway but After twilight I've seen her loved her in Adventureland and Welcome to the Rileys and I REALLY want to watch On the Road and Snow White and the Huntsman. So, pretty much the only films of her I don't like are the twilight ones and runaways. I think she's a great actress and breath of fresh air. Oh btw I think its cute how he's always praising her lol. True love

  • what

    e v e r y o n e needs to see another one of kristen's movies before judging her acting. I don't think twilight was her best movie, but she has progressed throughout the franchise, as has bella swan's character. people need to remember that it's bella swan who's the tight arse, not kristen stewart. read the books and you'll see.

  • shayna.lane

    the only reason i decided to watch twilight was because of kristen stewart i hadn't read the books till 2 days before the movie came out. I loved her in into the wild and in the land of women i prefer indie films to block busters the only down side is i have to wait till it comes out on DVD to watch it because i live in hawaii and really there isn't anyplace to go to enjoy real films they are both great actors who get judged harshly because of there instant fame, but in the end its good for them because it'll push them to be better till one day there holding that oscar and they'll have that last laugh :)