Demi Lovato: ‘I Want to Be Married With Kids in 10 Years’

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It looks like Demi Lovato wants more than just a successful music career!

In the July issue of Cosmopolitan, the 19-year-old X Factor judge revealed to the magazine that she wants a husband and a family — in just 10 years time! Demi told them, “I want to be married with kids in 10 years.”

We know that Demi has dated the likes of pop star Joe Jonas, 22, and That 70’s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama, 32, but what are some qualities she looks for in a guy?

The “Give Your Heart a Break” singer revealed:

“I don’t have many deal breakers. I’ve done so much in my life, it doesn’t feel right to judge other people. Oh, I know one quality I won’t tolerate. I would never be with a guy who is controlling.”

In late 2010, Demi was admitted to a treatment facility to deal with an eating disorder, and other destructive behavior, then was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Demi told the mag that she was “relieved”  to learn she had the disorder, elaborating:

“Like I’m not completely crazy; there’s a medical reason for all of it. It’s a daily thing; you don’t get time off from it. And if I feel myself slipping back into old patterns, I have to ask others for help, which is hard for me to learn, because I really like doing everything on my own.”

It looks like Demi will be able to keep plenty busy, as she just joined the star-studded, season two X Factor judging panel with Britney Spears, along with veterans Simon Cowell and record exec L.A. Reid. The quartet will spend their summer touring the country trying to find music’s next big star, with episodes of the show airing this fall on FOX.

Are you excited to see Demi on X Factor? How do you think she’ll do? Sound off in the comments!

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