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Ever wonder how celebrity kids look so stylish? As busy parents, shopping with little ones can be rough. Now there's a fast and convenient way to dress your little one in some super designer duds -- look no further than Wittlebee!

For just $39.99 a month, parents can order a customized box of clothes for their tot -- delivered right to their house -- and Celebuzz is giving away a three month subscription to the fabulous service!

How exactly do you get your hands on this amazing offer?

Simple! Just comment below with the celeb kid that YOU think has the best style. Is it Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' 6-year-old daughter Suri? Does Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's little boy Kingston's beachy California vibe inspire you? Or is there another tiny tyke that is a your choice for Hollywood's best dressed? Comment below for your chance to win!

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Good luck and get commenting!



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  • Theresa Janke
    Theresa Janke

    Definitely Kingston

  • Kelly

    Suri Cruise for sure!

  • Becky Horn
    Becky Horn

    I have to admit Suri Cruise has a great style going on, very cute.

  • Lindy Pink
    Lindy Pink

    I love Suri's style - the way she reflects Katie's look is completely darling!

  • Jessica Rumely
    Jessica Rumely

    Sarah Jessica Parker's twins Tabitha and Marion are super cute. I love how their styles coordinate and that they don't wear matching clothes.

  • Crystal Famania
    Crystal Famania

    Samuel Kai Schreiber - Simple yet put together!

  • nemeoasis

    Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry's daughter Nahla! They dress their tot in stylish clothes that I would actually dress my lil one in!

  • Patricia C Hilke
    Patricia C Hilke

    nice prize

  • Chrissy McPherson
    Chrissy McPherson

    Me & my daughter both love Princess Tiaamii style. (Along with her name : ) I follow on Twitter (@frm1mom2another) & on facebook ( )

  • Pat

    I would say Suri Cruise.

  • heather c
    heather c

    Suri, hands down!

  • Allyson Bossie
    Allyson Bossie

    I believe the Jolie/Pitt Kids are the best dressed, super cute, but comfy too!

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis

    I would have to go with Levi McConaughey. That mini-fedora rocks.

  • Felicia Escobedo
    Felicia Escobedo

    I like Kingston's style

  • Claire Parks
    Claire Parks

    I love her style! So current!

  • Karen Gessert
    Karen Gessert

    I think Ryder Robinson has great style. I love how Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson have passed down their laid back hippie style!

  • ewhatley

    Love Kingston's style and personality.

  • Stacy Kish
    Stacy Kish

    Mason Disick..and Louis Bullock

  • April Durham
    April Durham

    I love the way Angelina dresses her daughters.

  • icefairy

    Suri is also my favorite.

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones

    i guess Suir Cruise but she looks like a grown up

  • Jaime Hamel
    Jaime Hamel

    Cruz Beckham is super cute with his skater style! Would love to win a wittlebee 3 month subscription for my little guys!

  • heatherd9

    Hi there, So love wittlebee - please sign me up! My vote for celebrity kids would be Heidi & Seal's children, esp little Lou Sulola as she looks a lot like my daughter. Also, I'd like to suggest Kiernan Shipka as a fabulous cleberity kid in her own right. Thanks

  • momtothree

    The Rossdale boys. Hands down. I love their cute little styles!

  • David Gossett
    David Gossett

    My wife loves Suri's clothes and also seems to really like the way Angelina dresses her daughters. I have a four year old little girl, who would LOVE to win something like this and get to wear these clothes!

  • Phil Randall
    Phil Randall

    Suri dresses the best

  • Angela Winesburg
    Angela Winesburg

    I love Suri Cruises' outfits, they are always so cute and sweet, thanks for the chance!

  • Kerry

    Suri is already a little fashionista!

  • Terry Young
    Terry Young

    I think it's Suri Cruise.She's a doll!

  • Ldee Wernet
    Ldee Wernet

    Suri Cruise...she looks like a girl! and dresses better than her mother!

  • Heather Strouse Zeh
    Heather Strouse Zeh

    I say Suri Cruise for sure!

  • Lanie D Craig
    Lanie D Craig

    I love all the Jolie/Pitt clan who are always dressed in the latest fashions

  • Jess Nb
    Jess Nb

    Miranda Kerr's son Flynn is always dressed cute.

  • highclass1

    I believe Suri Cruise is the best dressed child in the celebrity world.

  • Debra S
    Debra S

    I think Suri wins, because she dresses LIKE A KID. They do not dress her up like a miniature 24 year old!

  • dheath3

    suri cruise

  • Pam Wakeford
    Pam Wakeford

    I would say Suri Cruise

  • Bethann Waltman
    Bethann Waltman

    Zahara Jolie-Pitt! She has the most stylish clothes I've ever seen on a child!

  • Trisha Brown Newman
    Trisha Brown Newman

    I like Kingston's style!

  • Julie Baniewicz
    Julie Baniewicz

    Must be Suri Cruz.

  • hpaulina

    Kingston and Zuma! I miss Kingstons cute little mohawk! :)

  • wheat636

    I love Kingston Rossdale's style. It's casual yet always unique. Gwen and Gavin have the cutest celeb babies!

  • Cristina Scott
    Cristina Scott

    I would say Gavin & Gwen's sons. They have amazing style like their parents :)

  • xxxkarinaxxxx

    Has to be Mason Disick for sure

  • Candace Hensley
    Candace Hensley

    Gavin & Gwen's Sons

  • Karina Cruz-Rodriguez
    Karina Cruz-Rodriguez

    Definitely Gavin & Gwen's boys, who changes their hairstyle and looks like rock stars so young? Only they can... Their style always changes.

  • Jesse Chaples
    Jesse Chaples

    Mason Disick is the cutest little boy in the world!!

  • chelyea

    Suri's definitely known for her style, but I like Matilda Ledger's more laid back kid look.

  • ambermiller86

    Flynn Bloom is always wearing stylish clothes.. so that's who my vote is for!

  • Christie MacDougall
    Christie MacDougall

    Kingston is my fav!

  • cmtafur

    Mason Disick...hands down. THE most adorable and well dressed little boy I have ever seen.

  • Kelsey Anna Janowiak
    Kelsey Anna Janowiak

    Suri wins, hands down. But I do think Flynn Bloom is adorable!

  • Sarah Wick-Netemeyer
    Sarah Wick-Netemeyer

    I really enjoy Matilda Ledger's easy style. She looks like a sweet little girl ready to play and enjoy life. Nothing better than a kid who's stylish and comfortable!

  • Terri Sap
    Terri Sap

    I think the most stylish kids out there hands down has to be Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's kids. Harlow and Sparrow Madden has a great sense of style; I guess they get it from their parents.

  • danielleakame

    Suri Cruise i would have to say is the best dressed little girl of all time! she knows how to work it!

  • jacimash

    Mason Disick is the cutest, well-dressed little kid EVER!

  • ecaterina29

    i really like how sandra bullock dresses her son louis

  • Molly Moravec
    Molly Moravec

    Mason Disick hands down!

  • April S.
    April S.

    I would say Suri Cruise. She is a role model for celcbrity kids as well as your average kids across America!

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    I'm going to say The Rossdale boys. As a mother of two boys, I'm partial to stylish little guys.

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    Its defiantly Suri Cruise. ever since she was born she has always put a standard to fashion to all celebrity kids. and how they are suppose to be dressed.