'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki: Pregnant in Sky-High Heels (PHOTOS)

As Jersey Shore's  Snooki prepares to film season six of the MTV series, the pregnant reality star was spotted rocking a pair of sky-high lace up camel-colored wedges in Toms River,  N.J., on May 30.

The 24-year-old covered her growing bump in a loose cream top paired with patterned jean leggings.

Snooki is following in the footsteps of other pregnant celebs -- literally -- by wearing her highest shoes while expecting!

Who else wore their heels right up until giving birth?

New mama's Beyonce and Jessica Simpson were known to balance on their fiercest footwear even while carrying pregnancy pounds.

Snooki, along with her cast mates, are currently held up on on lockdown at a Holiday Inn in Toms River N.J. as they are about to embark on filming yet another summer in the infamous Seaside Heights, N.J. beach house.

Do you think pregnant Snooki's shoes are a wee bit too high? Sound off in the comments!



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  • mileyismylife

    Snooks is so cute!

  • sharidon

    are you sure she's pregnant and not just fat again

  • Lisbeth Garcia
    Lisbeth Garcia

    What is she thinking, those outfits got to Go!! i love her n all but dont like the way she dresses.

  • Whitney Brooke Pendergrass
    Whitney Brooke Pendergrass

    I like her maternity style! Very Snooki plus an added Bohemian twist. I think she looks comfortable but not frumpy.

  • Charles

    She looks like an Ommpa Loompa wearing Frankenstien shoes