Julianne Hough Gives Tom Cruise a Sexy ‘Rock of Ages’ Lap Dance

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Julianne Hough knows how to rock a two piece!
Dancing with the Stars pro turned singer-actress Julianne Hough, 23, revealed to Interview magazine that she had to give Tom Cruise, 49, her Rock of Ages co-star, a lap dance for the film that hits theaters on June 15.

During the interview, the Footloose actress explained how boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, 37, referred to her role in the film as a “little sexy,” which prompted the details on the lap dance in question.

“There was one scene we did that ended up not making it into the film, but it was a really great dance-and-vocal number —’Rock You Like a Hurricane,” Hough said. “It was in the strip club, and I gave Tom a lap dance in the scene.”

But if Katie Holmes is the jealous type she doesn’t have to worry because the sexy dance won’t be seen on the big screen.

So, why exactly was it cut?

The actress said:

“The movie flowed better without it, so I understand why it got edited out, but at the same time, I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. I got to do that, and it’s not even in the movie?”‘

However,  Hough thinks there will be one person happy the scene ended up on the cutting floor.

“The scene I did with Tom Cruise that got cut out, I was in a bra and underwear, basically giving him a lap dance, so my father will probably like that scene getting cut out.”

(Rock of Ages DVD Extras Scenes anyone?)

In Rock of Ages, adapted from the hit Broadway musical of the same name, Hough plays a small town girl named Sherrie (played by Hough) who moves to Hollywood to pursue her dreams of being a singer and it’s of course set to the rockin’ tunes of the 80s.

As part of the all star cast? 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin, funnyman Russell Brand, Pretty Little LiarsDiego Boneta and Oscar-winning Catherine Zeta-Jones (to name a few!)

For more on Julianne, head over the Interview’s site.

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