Justin Bieber Scuffles With Paparazzo: Get In On The Conversation!

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Here is your chance to get your opinion heard on the latest celebrity headlines.

Justin Bieber, 18, was recently involved in an altercation with a photographer. Do celebrities have the right to stop these photographers from taking their photos or should they just let them do their job?

We’ll be taking submissions until 11 AM EST. Check back soon for Jane’s expert response!

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Click here to read Celebuzz's exclusive interview with the paparazzo the Biebs had it out with and see below on how to connect with Jane:
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  • Jody

    I wanna kno, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF THE FIGHT...Not once, did I see a picture of the fight, a video....this took place in front of millions of paparrazi, and screaming beliebers...NO one got any footage of the fight?, No pictures? and the phony mysterious, nonsensical statement, "a lawyer came up and told him to sue"...that statement seemed something one of bieber's people came up with to tell tmz, and posed as witnesses...The mike Tyson video...I think its staged, I will ALWAYS think that until I see at LEAST a pic of the fight!

  • lovernotafighter

    I would like to know why there are no laws to keep the paps a certain distance from the celebs. It's not like they don't have long lenses, why do they have to get so close. In regards to your question, it is one thing to take a picture and completely another if you are blocking someone's exit from an area or blocking them from their car. It could be very dangerous for the celebrity, any nutjob can carry a camera and say they are paparazzi and get close enough to hurt someone.