Lindsay Lohan ‘Working Really Hard’ to Honor Liz Taylor, Says Mom Dina (EXCLUSIVE)

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Lindsay Lohan’s comeback role playing Liz Taylor in Lifetime’s biopic Liz & Dick is “such an honor,” her mom Dina tells Celebuzz in an exclusive interview.

“She’s doing great,” Dina said. “She’s on the set and working really hard.

“We’re in a really good place — all of us,” the star’s mother added, regarding herself and her four children — Lindsay, AliMichael Jr., and Cody. “We’re just happy — and working.”

Since her formal probation was lifted in March, the oft-troubled 25-year-old actress has been quick to reclaim her role as one of Hollywood’s rising stars. She hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, in April, then went on to film a successful guest spot on Glee, in May.

This week, Celebuzz revealed Dina, 49, would join the as-yet unsigned reality series DramaMamas as a ‘Celebrity Mentor’.

Dina — who describes the show as “High School Musical meets Smash” — said she is “so proud” to be part of a series that can help guide young children towards success in showbusiness.

“It’s an inspiring series,” she said of the show, which begins production this weekend, in White Plains, NY.

“They help mentor and nurture the Drama Mamas and their children who have invested their hearts and time so their kids can have the opportunity fulfill their dreams … of a career on Broadway.”

Dina added, “Nobody knows better than myself, the drama behind the scenes of building the career of a talented child in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter.”

No word yet on when — or where, for that matter — the show will land on television, though Dina predicted it will definitely make it to the airwaves.

“We have several, several networks interested,” she said.

“We’re kind of seeing where it fits the best, and the time and what night of the week and blah, blah, blah. But, yeah. The show’s gonna go. There’s no doubt. I mean, I’d watch it tomorrow. [Laughs]”

On Mar. 29, 2012, Judge Stephanie Sautner put an end to Lohan’s formal probation, after she completed a number of court-ordered mandates, including a community service stint at an area morgue.

She remains on informal probation through May 2014 regarding a case in which she was accused of taking a necklace from a jewelry store without permission.