Love The Look! Sofia Vergara's Hot Pink Style Statement (PHOTOS)

Sofia In Lingerie
Sofia Vergara dons on lingerie for sexy 'Esquire' cover. Read More »

The newly single Sofia Vergara stepped out in London on May 30 looking better than ever in a sultry and slinky little black dress -- but was her hot pink accents that caught our eye!

The Modern Family actress, 39, who just won a Glamour of the Year award the night prior, was having dinner with her 19-year-old son Manolo at the upmarket Wolesley restaurant in London on Wednesday night when she was spotted in her sassy and sexy style.

Accenting her simple LBD with hot pink lips and a matching, envy-worthy clutch, Sofia smiled for cameras as she exited the establishment.

We're loving this look as hot colors and neon are big trends this season, and perfect for a woman on the prowl.

Sofia officially split with her longtime boyfriend, businessman Nick Loeb, this past month, but looked more like a heartbreaker than heartbroken in London town last night! The actress tweeted how much fun she was having during her meal, writing:
"All day photoshoot at Wrotham Park now dinner @Wolesley !!! Loving London."
What do you think of Sofia's sexy and single look? Play fashion critic in the comments!



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