Matchmaker Tells Prince Harry: Marry Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry might be an eligible bachelor now, but it seems he's finally seems ready to follow in his brother Prince William's footsteps and settle down. Although he's known to be quite royal heartthrob, the 27-year-old Prince spoke candidly to Katic Couric during an interview for the ABC special The Jubilee Queen, admitting that he's is wants to start a family.
"I've longed for kids since I was very, very young. And so I'm waiting to find the right person, someone who's willing to take on the job."
Following the interview, matchmaker Siggy Flicker from VH1's Why Am I Still Single?! told Celebuzz there's only one girl in the world that he should seal the deal with.

Although Harry has reportedly been single since his on-and-off relationship with Chelsy Davy ended in 2010, the opinionated matchmaker believes these two are still "destined" to be together.

"He is crazy about her," Flicker told Celebuzz. "He just needs to settle down and commit. He’s always going to find his way back to Chelsy because she’s proven over and over again her loyalty and dedication to him. She’s a good girl."

However, if he doesn't want to make Chelsy his wife, the celebrity matchmaker is offering the Prince one another option: let his sister-in-law Kate Middleton set him up.
"Kate is a perfect example of what [Princess] Diana would be proud of: classy, down-to-Earth, not a show off or big mouth. So she should set Harry up with someone who isn’t part of the royal family, who doesn’t have any ranking or celebrity."
Flicker added: "Harry could have models, anybody he wants on his arm, but that’s not what’s going to make him happy at the end of the day. He really needs someone grounded, who is beautiful on the inside and outside."

Who do you think Prince Harry should marry? Click through our picks in the gallery below and leave us more suggestions in the comments.

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  • Livin&Lovin'

    MFEO - made for each other.

  • lovemorel

    prince harry should marry a long time girlfriend chelsy davy cause their love each other

  • mabel

    Prince harry should marry chelsy davy cause he loves her he should settle down with her i think they love each other

  • Heather Nicolle
    Heather Nicolle

    Magnanimous? Really? Just because your thesaurus suggested it doesn't mean it fits.

  • Heather Nicolle
    Heather Nicolle

    OMG she's fugly. It's not that she's not the prettiest girl at the polo club, but she's also trashy looking - and she doesn't help herself by caking on stripper make-up and always wearing hideous outfits. And notice she's not wearing a bra in this pic. Or her bra is not doing any of its duties. They're all low and I can totally see nip. Now if that's not classy, I don't know what is! Kate is looking at her like she's disgusted.

  • Max

    Chelsys absolutely great, adventurous, educated and beautiful...Harrys awesome and magnanimous with likely a constant battle between his head and heart and all his commitments and ditto his gf. Do they make a match couple? Of course. But ask anyone in real life about relationships that did not 'fail' per se more than failed to proceed. Stopping is not the same thing as staying. Some people move on. Maybe they believe in the impossible who knows, maybe they believe in reality and laugh at all the speculation out loud. Could you act out a commitment to be part of a Royal family for (your life) if you simply think you might spend half your whole life wishing you had your own life instead? Just a thought.

  • Sharon

    he needs to seek the Lord. The two seem like they would make a great pair, but is she willing to answer the call of govt. leadership & submit & be supportive to her husband who happens to be royalty?. I'm not talking about all the pomp & glory and media hype. No one really wants that. I'm talking about taking on the honor & responsibility of leading a nation. If she's too weak or fearful to handle being a princess, like Vashti, then may the Lord bring on a Queen Esther type for Prince Harry. Get in alignment with Christ's Kingdom, then He will bless the British Kingdom.

  • Lis, Malvern,UK
    Lis, Malvern,UK

    Chelsy doesn't want the media glare. Maybe the pressure won't be so great once Wills and Kate have produced "the heir and spare". Less pressure would leave a bit of breathing space and time around H & Chelsy for them to create a solid relationship. If we want another royal wedding, we need a royal christening first.

  • Maya

    He says, he hasn't found a woman " who's willing to take on the job".. Sources said they split after the wedding of wills & catherine because chelsy didn't want to commit to the royal lifestyle.