Michael Chiklis On Seeing His Daughter Off to Prom: There Was Cleavage and It Was Horrifying! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Michael Chiklis may have played a tough guy on The Shield, but he tells Celebuzz that nothing scares him more than seeing his teenage daughter’s prom dress!

The Golden Globe winner, who currently stars in the hilarious stoner movie High School, told us about his own prom experience and how he coped when he saw his daughter, Autumn Isabella, leaving for her own school dance.

“I just remember looking so bad, and she looked like she was ready for the red carpet at the Oscars. She looked phenomenal. There was cleavage and– oh my God, I just lost my mind,” he told us. “It was hard. It was horrifying. Can she go out like that?”

But how did he react when his daughter’s date showed up at his front door?

“I remember saying to her date, ‘Have a good time, but not too good of a time.'” he said, putting on his Vic Mackey voice from the famous cop drama.

Watch the video above to see Chiklis and his costar, Matt Bush, spill about their own high school experiences!

High School hits theaters June 1.