'Snow White and the Huntman's' Kristen Stewart 'Didn't Mean' to Break Chris Hemsworth's Nose (VIDEO)

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Don't mess with Kristen Stewart.

The 22-year-old star stopped by NBC's TODAY on Thursday to promote her upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman -- out June 1 -- and talked about when she accidentally broke her co-star Chris Hemsworth's nose.

"I swear I didn't mean to," Stewart insisted to hosts Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and others. "He got too close."

Watch the video above.

Stewart also dished a bit about the film's numerous fight scenes, saying that director Rupert Sanders gave them free range instead of choreographing the scenes.

"It's so much cooler to watch someone instinctively ... become this skilled martial artist. She really moves toward fear."

For more on her TODAY interview, watch the video above!



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