Charlie Sheen Tells Neighbors: Stop Spying On Me!

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Charlie Sheen is responding, in a new statement via his rep, to reports that he’s again partying out-of-control.

To recap the actor’s eventful past 24 hours: He was thrust back into the headlines when his third wife Brooke Mueller checked into rehab — yet again — after relapsing during a reported reunion-turned-drug-binge with 46-year-old Sheen, as Celebuzz revealed.

At the same time, one of Sheen’s pals broke ranks and detailed their fears for the Hollywood wild man, who has again turned to constant partying. So much so, neighbors at his exclusive Sherman Oaks, Calif. estate have reportedly complained of loud parties at Casa Charlie, complete with a stream of scantily clad women coming and going at all hours.

What’s the former Warlock saying about it all?

Well, it’s simply not true, according to the man who once earned $2 million an episode on Two and a Half Men star.

“One would think that Mulholland Estates residents would have far more important things to do than have their help spy on neighbors,” Sheen’s rep Larry Solters told Celebuzz, in an statement.

Sheen, nor Solters, have addressed any of the specific claims being made beyond suggesting to reporters they “consider the sources.”

In the past, Sheen hasn’t been shy about his wild man antics though, admitting that he’s done more drugs “than anybody could survive” — including “banging seven-gram rocks” that would have made “(Frank) Sinatra, (Errol) Flynn, (Mick) Jagger, (Keith) Richards look like droopy-eyed, armless children.”

His new series Anger Management, a television version of the 2003 film, debuts on June 28.