Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee: See Her Styles Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Royal Style Showdown
Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana
Kate's Colorful  Wardrobe
Look at Kate Middleton’s fabulous style.
Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana aren’t the only fashionistas of the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II has an array of colorful suits and hats that she’s donned throughout her 75 year reign.

Once labeled the “reluctant trendsetter,” her style has become quite iconic since taking the throne at age 27, as she is almost never seen without a flashy piece of headgear and a splash of color. It has even been estimated that Her Royal Majesty owns over 5,000 hats. In honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubiliee going on this weekend, Celebuzz looks back at the 86-year-old’s style statements through the years that have made her such a figure head in England.

If Queen Elizabeth’s style is lost on you, you might find it surprising to hear that she was voted by British Vogue one of the World’s Most Glamorous Women in 2007.

And that’s not all…

Dolce & Gabbana is also said to have based their autumn/winter 2008 line on the Queen, after viewing an image of her.

Not to mention, renowned fashionista Agyness Deyn referred to Queen Elizabeth as her style icon, and even Madonna has been known to compliment the royal on her style sense.

Vogue Australia recently did a piece on the Queen, saying of her fashion statements, “Regal poise and stately sophistication have defined Her Royal Majesty’s style, whether she’s sporting brogues in Balmoral or sensible, stately tweeds. … Ascending the throne in 1953, the 27-year-old used her wardrobe from the start to create the image of a dignified, elegant world leader.”

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