Josh Hutcherson Is All Smiles at 2012 MTV Movie Awards (PHOTOS)

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Josh Hutcherson was definitely channeling his inner Duckie from Pretty In Pink at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday. The 19-year-old was snapped looking extra cool in a black fedora and tan jacket as he made his way down the red carpet.

While Duckie never got to lock lips with his main squeeze in the famous John Hughes flick, Josh was able to steal a smooch from costar Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games. In fact, both of them actually nabbed a nomination for Best Kiss at this year's award show!

Josh is also up for Best Male Performance and Hunger Games is nominated for Best Movie of the Year.

Do you think it'll be a clean sweep for HG? Sound off in the comments, below.



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  • Hafdis

    That is just PERFECTION! <3

  • mileyismylife

    my beautiful husband looking as hot as ever! and his smile, hgiehseogihiqughiheiufiwegwqpoutowg holy crackers!


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