Russell Brand Cracks Jokes About Katy Perry Split, Looking For New Wife at MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

Katy & Russell's PDA
A look back at the couple's happier times.
Russell Brand, who will be 37 tomorrow, met his bride Katy Perry, 27, during the MTV Video Music Awards festivities in 2008, and now, after a very public divorce in late 2011, the Rock of Ages star is once again hosting the MTV Movie Awards and cracking jokes about his estranged marriage.

From his jokes about short-lived marriages in Hollywood to hitting on the entire females audience, it was clear nothing was off limits in Russell’s opening monologue, not even his own personal life.

He said of meeting someone new, saying,

“Tonight, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for a new wife. [Michael] Fassbender! It has to be!”

What do you think of Russell making light of his divorce: fun or a faux pas? Let us know, below.