Kendra Wilkinson Spotted Buying Pregnancy Tests (PHOTOS)


There may be a new addition to the Wilkinson-Baskett brood.

Former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson, 26, was spotted on Sunday carrying two pregnancy tests in a shopping bag. A Celebuzz source close to the reality star says that Kendra is not pregnant. That being said, the mother to Hank Baskett Jr., 2, has expressed that she and husband Hank Baskett, 29, would like to have more children.

When asked by Reality TV magazine this past August if she was looking to expand her family, Kendra admitted:

"The time will come, I wouldn’t say soon but definitely not later (laughs)."
However, the reality star is staying busy. She premieres her new show on WE, Kendra On Top, tomorrow, June 5. She tweeted in anticipation: "Does everyone know what is happening on June 5th at 10p/9c on@WEtv? My show #KendraOnTop premieres! Who’s psyched?"

What do you think? Given her new show, is this the right time for Kendra to have a possible baby on the way? Let us know, below.

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  • Carlee

    What are you, like 10? Who says that??

  • giantsfan5611

    When she's banging her husband, does she call it a BaskettBALL? Just curious.

  • ABCQuiltz4Kidz

    Congratutations Kendra I think you just seem so real. You show you aren't perfect but you try your best to be the best you can be. Your son is so handsome. Hank seems like a wonderful Dad and husband. I wish the best to you and your family. I love watchig your show yours is the only reality show i watch. God Bless to you and your family and good luck in what ever you and your family decide to do in life. Very Resepctfully

  • Anonymous

    maybe she is picking tests up for the girls at the Playboy mansion.......

  • Hank's Baskett
    Hank's Baskett

    Did she just get out of jail?

  • Ks

    Funny that they show this pic when the commercials for the show pretty much say that she is. You're a day late and a dollar short on this one Celebuzz.

  • marlee

    Ugh. She is ridiculous. Just trying to create some buzz in anticipation of her trashy new show.

  • Amy

    I truly hope she is pregnant... aww another addition to her budding family :) xxx

  • Jennifer

    I know..the bag is solid white and it's obvious she wasn't trying to hide what it contained.

  • Julie

    Totally staged pic...

  • Joanna

    congrsts to her and hank if she is...their son is so soo adorable so i can just imagine what their baby girl would look like!