‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Lucy Hale On Season 3 Return: I Want To Be ‘A’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Lucy Hale Bikinis!
Lucy shows off her bikini body in Brazil!
Pretty Little Liars returns Tuesday June 5, and if it’s up to star Lucy Hale, she wants her character Aria to ultimately be the mysterious and evil character “A.”

“I want her to be A — I do!” Hale, 22, told Celebuzz at the MTV Movie Awards. “If you notice, she’s always kind of missing. Sometimes it’s just always the three girls, it’s like, ‘Where’s Aria?'”

“She’s usually with Ezra,” laughed Lucy. “She’s so selfish! She’ll just leave her friends while they’re going on some mystery hunt. I’m like, ‘Sorry, gotta go make out with my boyfriend!'”

Lucy has some serious competition: who else from the PLL cast wants to be “A”?

Ian Harding, who plays Aria’s boyfriend Ezra on the show, doesn’t sound like he would be opposed to the idea of turning into the bad guy.

“I would like to see a little bit more of the darkness to Ezra, because right now his biggest problem — apart from perhaps his relationship — is he was almost married once,” Harding laughed, before adding: “All right–that’s like a quarter of America!”

“I’ve always wanted my character to be A,” Ashley Benson – who plays Hannah — told us during our recent PLL set visit. “I think it would be brilliant.”

Continued Benson:

The fans wouldn’t like it because it’s obviously not in the books, but I definitely think it would be a cool thing to twist on everyone in the last season. It would be really cool because they’ve been planning and working with all these people and it very well could be Hanna, because Mona turns out to be ‘A’ and she has all these people working for her. I don’t know if that will ever happen but if it did that would be really cool.

The third season of Pretty Little Liars premieres tomorrow on ABC Family. Get ready for more “A”-mazing drama!