‘Magic Mike’ Monday: Alex Pettyer’s Hottest Looks! (PHOTOS)

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Magic Mike isn’t hitting theaters until June 29, but Celebuzz wanted to do a little something special to celebrate the exquisite male cast leading up to it’s release.

That’s right, for the next four weeks, we’ll be bringing you Magic Mike Mondays, where we’ll highlight the hotness of each male member of the cast! First up is British hunk Alex Pettyfer. In the Steven Soderbergh-directed film that’s all about the world male stripping, the 22-year-old I Am Number Four actor plays a character named “The Kid” who is the protege of the elusive Magic Mike (Channing Tatum).

So, how does Pettyfer’s character get mixed up with the likes of male strippers?

Thanks to our detective skills (and watching the UK trailer multiple times), we’ve come to conclude that the two meet through a construction job. Then, being the nice guy that he is, Tatum’s character takes “The Kid” under his wing and shows him the ropes of stripping — where the two become BFFs. However, things get a little awkward after Magic Mike falls for “The Kid’s” sister, played by newcomer Cody Horn.

We can’t wait to see what Alex has got up his sleeve — or thong — for this flick, but in the meantime, click through our gallery of his hottest looks!

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