‘Rock of Ages’ Star Julianne Hough Injured During Filming: I Couldn’t Breathe or Turn My Head

Julianne Hough launched her Hollywood career as a pro on Dancing with the Stars, so it’s no surprise that she would tear up the dance floor in upcoming new musical, Rock of Ages, right? Not so fast. The 23-year-old blond beauty is the star of the new film but none of her dance numbers made the final cut.

“If I’m going to do a musical, I wanna dance,” Hough told Celebuzz. “But there were probably two or three scenes that were cut out where I’m actually dancing.”

But have no fear, odds are those scenes will certainly end up on the DVD. Among the missing scenes is a number where her co-star, newcomer Diego Boneta is fantasizing about Hough’s character dancing on the Hollywood sign.

“She did a bunch of turns into it and then had to throw her body backwards against a metal railing,” explained director Adam Shankman. “She popped her head back and she slammed her head against the metal railing and she kept going.”

Hough recalls another deleted dance number to The Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane” where she partnered with Tom Cruise, 49, who plays rock god Stacee Jaxx in the movie.

“I was doing this dance number with Tom and it was 18-hour days, and dancing hardcore, totally fine,” recalled Hough. “The next day I was walking and turned my head and I had to lie on my back. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t turn my head.”

In addition to tweaking her neck, Hough had three left ribs out, two displaced right ribs and a crooked spine that left her hips out of alignment. “I’m like, ‘I can keep going! I’m fine, I’m fine!” said the beleaguered dancer.

It took co-star Cruise to put things into perspective for her – “He’s like, ‘Julianne, this is what insurance is for. You’ve got a very long career ahead of you, a long shoot ahead of you.’ I was like, ‘Tom Cruise cares about me!”

Fortunately Hough had two days off during the shoot schedule and recovered enough for one day of filming before a five-day break.

“I was a little bummed that I didn’t see as much dancing,” said an optimistic Hough. “But it was kind of cool because people had seen my dancing and they got to see more of my voice and my acting in this.”