Sarah Jessica Parker Hosting Obama Fundraiser And Wants You To Attend (VIDEO)

Sarah Jessica Parker is touting her support for President Barack Obama and holding a fundraiser dinner for him at her New York residence on June 14. And you could be invited to the soiree!

In the campaign ad, which debuted during the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, the Sex and the City star, 47, is supporting "that guy," who "says you should be able to marry anyone you want" and "created 4 million jobs," among other achievements. And now she's offering a seat at her table for you to party with them.

Watch the full ad above and find out how you could win dinner with SJP and the President.

In the ad, Parker talks about the President, saying:

"Ok, the guy who ended the war in Iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want, and the guy who created 4 million new jobs, that guy: President Obama and Michelle are coming to my house for dinner on June 14, and I want you to be there too. But you have to go to for your chance to win and the contest ends tomorrow night so go right here, right now. Because we need him and he needs us."
Anyone who donates at least $3 to the campaign will be entered to win a seat at her dinner table. The guests include the President and Michelle Obama, along with Vogue editor Anna Wintour.



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  • Don

    Wow!! How VERY different the world is when viewed through the eyes of a celebrity. Does SJP see the same news reports as the rest of us peons? When it mattered, Obama DID NOT support gay marriage...the only jobs he created end with the word "Czar"...and as for ending the war in Iraq, on Bush's original timeline...kudos, I guess? Libs are as fascinating as their version of the truth is!

  • curlegirl72

    Oh you mean "the guy that won the Iraq war" that 46% of registered voters thought was a bad idea (hellooo!)? That war? The war that proved "George Bush's hard-fought surge worked along with General Petraeus strategy? That one? The one that his stance on gay marraige is revolving...err I mean "evolving"? to pander to Gay's? That guy? The guy that promised "first thing in office" he would fight for immigration reform that never happened?? That guy? The man that used our tax dollars to line his donor's (helllo Solyndra?!) pockets? That one?? What 4 million "jobs created" would that be Jessica? "Needless to say, private sector job growth was at least slightly positive over Bush’s eight-year term, while under Obama, the words – worst track record in history - come to mind." I won't bore you with little things like FACTS Jessica but it's not hard to find. Just Google and two clicks hon! Oh and btw in CA we have an 11% UE rate so please do let us know where we can apply for those millions of jobs Obama "created" we certainly could use them about now.