Watch Out, Britney and Demi: Joe Jonas, Nelly (Yes, Nelly) Join CW's Music Competition Series

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Fox's American Idol and The X Factor has Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, respectively. NBC has Christina Aguilera. Now The CW has decided to add some male mentors to the female-dominated singing competition mix.

Pop singer Joe Jonas and R&B star Nelly (yes, Nelly) have been added to the network's upcoming series The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep.

Jonas and Nelly (yes, Nelly) will join the series as mentors, alongside Gloria Estefan and John Rich, who were confirmed for the Queen Latifah-produced series, in March.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will send each of the mentors to local music scenes to find the best untapped stars in America. Then, each act will have a chance to represent their town on the series, which is still searching for a proper premiere date.

Jonas, of course, is best known for his stint as one-third of the popular boy band The Jonas Brothers. He will also appear on the upcoming dating series The Choice, in which everyday contestants compete for the chance to date a celebrity.

Nelly (yes, Nelly), meanwhile, is best known for recording such pop-rap hits as Hot in Herre and Ride Wit Me.

The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep will join a crowded field of music-competition series already established on the small screen, including: NBC's ratings juggernaut The Voice; the recently launched Duets; The X Factor, which just added Britney Spears and Demi Lovato to its judges table; and, of course, the biggest success story of them all, American Idol.

What do you think? Will this show be a hit? Or are you totally sick of these types of shows? Sound off, below!

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  • Wannur

    This definitely bostos Joe's acting career & modeling career. He's trying to hard to carve his own path & yo can see it here. Even if he was lyrically driven alot it would have been dubbed a justin timberlake song more so than a joe jonas song. I'm over with the who Jesse McCartney comparison. Jesse is more extroverted & a flirt in the scene Joe Jonas is not like that at all. This is his first album & stuff so there shouldn't be alot of criticism on him but he's had alto of albums with Jonas Brothers so it's more of a shoe in from that perspective.

  • Jeff Ting
    Jeff Ting

    The Next looks like "The Next Piece of crap" when you have some dip shit like Joe Jonas on their show, someone who doesn't even have a hit single for their solo career, you know you're in trouble. i guess the CW wants their show to fail.

  • Jeff Ting
    Jeff Ting

    Joe Jonas and Nelly on a reality show? Whats the matter can't the CW get relevant and TALENTED stars for their shitty reality TV?

  • Lanua

    I'm most excited to watch The X-Factor! It's gonna be a hit because of Demi and Britney.

  • katta

    This sounds interesting! I can't wait to see "The Next". I'm happy for Joe

  • Sandy

    So excited for The NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!! .. Joe is going to be awesome as usual.

  • Kayla Jean
    Kayla Jean

    I gotta say I am sick of singing shows BUT how can you NOT watch them when they involve ... Joe Jonas Kelly Clarkson Demi Lovato and Adam Levine .... youd be crazy not to watch them!

  • Jessica

    I'm so excited for The Next, i can't wait to see Joe, Nelly and Gloria!!

  • David

    Nelly is a fucking legend,I still prefer Demi though <3