It's Official: Snooki Moves Out Of 'Jersey Shore' House (PHOTOS)

Mommy-to-be Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi has packed her bags and moved out of the Seaside Heights home she shared with her castmates -- into a home right next door.

With Jersey Shore now in production, MTV execs have opened up to Entertainment Weekly about how different season six will be.

“They’re starting to take those next steps into adulthood,” MTV’s executive VP of programming and head of production, Chris Linn says. “What’s going to be different this season is how much their lives have changed.”

Pregnancy (Snooki) and sobriety (Mike ‘The Situation’) for one, plus the rest of the gang are at very different stages in their lives now than when they threw up their first fist pumps at the Jersey Shore four years back.

Snooki, 24, finally put her foot down and moved into her new abode Monday night. Previous reports claimed she would seek separate housing this season before it began filming.

“It’s not a prison,” says MTV’s Linn of the house. “I know she’s concerned about the perception of her being a pregnant woman in a party house. This is an opportunity to see how she deals with it and how the rest of the house deals with it."

Despite Jersey Shore’s record breaking rating in seasons past, the question still remains: will this next one make a dent in MTV's numbers?

“The show has surprised us in the past and we’re super excited about this season, I wouldn’t make any assumptions about what the season will do,” Linn adds.

Also, fans can be rest assured that pregnancy hasn't tamed their favorite pickle lover. MTV claims that while Snooki may not be up to her partying ways this season, "she’s just as funny, if not funnier, than she’s ever been."

Snooki recently revealed that she's carrying a baby boy.

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As far as the Sitch and his road to recovery, MTV reveals "drinking was never a problem for him. He’s taking steps to be as healthy as possible and we support that."

Click through the above gallery for some shots of the gang filming this week in Seaside Heights N.J.



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    Christa Lee

    If that hoe really wanted to grow up she would of never went back to the Jersey Shore house...I think it's too late for any of them to grow up...aren't they all in their 3oyrs already anyways? lol