Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Won't Last, Says Wendy Williams (EXCLUSIVE)

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As Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel prepare for their big summer wedding, talk show host Wendy Williams isn't so sure the couple will actually make it down the aisle.

When asked to give the "Cry Me A River" singer, 31, and his blushing Total Recall bride-to-be, 30, marriage advice, the outspoken TV host refused.

"The marriage looks good on paper, but I'm not so sure about them," Williams told Celebuzz at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala in New York.

Wendy went on to explain why she doesn't think these two will last.

Timberlake proposed to Biel in December 2011 after dating on and off for more than four years, but Williams isn't convinced that the 7th Heaven actress can keep her man from straying.

"I think Jessica is very boring. She's a beautiful girl, but very boring," the media personality and New York Times bestselling author, 47, told us.

"It's what I call: beautiful for no reason."

Do you think Timberlake and Biel will last? Sound off in the comments -- and learn more about their upcoming wedding in the video below.

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  • DrM


  • Emma

    I thought this was hilarious and Kanye was right. Taylor Swift has not talent and writes the same songs over and over again.

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Team Grohl! Courtney Love is a trainwreck.

  • Stfu Wendy
    Stfu Wendy

    Wendy, none of your relationships will work out either because you're an ugly BITCH! Btw, I wake up having sex dreams about Jessica, not about Wendy Williams.

  • zon

    lol who is she to say if a marriage is going to last or not? she's some stupid talk show host.

  • missaly

    Her opinion is irrelevant. Unless she's sat down and had dinner with them, she can never truly know who they are. I think they are a great couple and I wish them the best!

  • Lalala

    Right... Cause they haven't been together for years already. Who the hell is she to speak about whether or not they will make it?

  • danamartin


  • Emlyn Copson
    Emlyn Copson

    oh yeah, keep out of their relationship Ms Williams, boy it's so darn pretentious to judge a relationship when haven't even met em, crikey!

  • guest

    Wendy shouldn't be the one to talk or give advice. My ex roommate interned for her and she used to allegedly ask him to hide her from her husband when he showed up at her work. So there's that but you keep giving out advice Ms. almighty Wendy Williams smh

  • miss.rouso

    wow. rude much?!